Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Weekly Update – Episode 7

And suddenly, tsunderes! Thousands of them!

Muv-luv continues to do what it does best; providing us with an excellent source of boobs and butts. I really can’t complain about this, but when are we going to get back to the mechs? Oh, and what about the whole problem with the BETA? Thankfully, it looks like we’re finally going to move on from swimsuits next week.

I really don’t like the recent “developments” with Yui. As if the sudden “mellowing” of her image last episode wasn’t enough, episode seven tops it off by turning her into a textbook tsundere.

I-it’s not as if I became a tsundere for your sake or anything! I just so happened to feel like being one, okay? Don’t be mistaken, baka!

Bullshit. Despite her previous bitchiness, watching Yui go at it with Yuuya was far more entertaining than watching her blush gratuitously while being called out on her extremely obvious fawning over Yuuya. It’s true a lot of anime girls who treat guys badly are just hiding their “true feelings”, but Muv-Luv had me thinking that Yui genuinely had a problem with Yuuya in the earlier episodes. Why would you throw that away in favor of turning her into yet another tsundere character? Even if she was going to end up with him in the end, couldn’t this have been done in a much more convincing and satisfying manner? I don’t care if they might have had to resort to fisticuffs (god forbid a man hit a woman), just about any other development would have been better than suddenly turning the strong female character into a blushing pair of tits in a swimsuit. The only thing I got out of what Muv-Luv pulled is the fine image of dat ass you see above.

Despite my apparent misgivings about Muv-Luv, things could be worse.

One thought on “Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Weekly Update – Episode 7

  1. It’s pretty bad when an episode this cliched is considered a good part of a series. It’s almost like we’re saying “Well, at least there weren’t many scenes with the crummy mechs.”

    Yui already had the “Oh what an exasperating man, but he’s such a great pilot!” self-conversation in the shower a few weeks ago. Now we just need to endure her self-delusional tsundere mood until she accepts that she likes him.

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