Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 17

Extortion 101

Obviously there’s more to Satoshi than meets the eye. Perhaps he shouldn’t have picked detective extraordinaire over here as his goal to overcome though. Regardless, the focus on the word “expectations” was rather intriguing. Satoshi claims that “expectations” implies that the speaker is giving up; that he is relying on someone else to do what he could not. While this is definitely valid, I must say that there’s more to the word than this. For instance, those of you who have a job are probably aware that your boss/manager has expectations of you. Does this mean he/she is thus weaker than you? No. Expectations can come quite naturally, and to me, they instead involve quite a bit of trust. Quite the far-cry from the extremely negative tone it was given in the episode, eh?

Despite how interesting the character development with Satoshi was, it felt slightly out of the blue to me. There really weren’t many indications that he was so deeply jealous of Houtarou’s “ability” to solve mysteries aside from a few casual remarks he made in the past. But casual remarks are just casual remarks, so I guess Satoshi is just pretty good at hiding his feelings. In any case, I have a suspicion that despite his apparent relapse into “just being a database”, he’ll attempt to outdo Houtarou sometime in the future again. Quite ironic, given his dealings with his own rival-kun.

It’s official. Eru is an attention whore. You know I’m just providing you guys with gratuitous hating on Eru by now.

2 thoughts on “Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 17

  1. I’m wondering if the ‘expectations’ thing was Japanese word thing, more than the English word expectations. Because I agree with you, there really isn’t that connotation of giving up in English.

    And Eru doesn’t need you, she’s way too moe for your hate to bother her! 😉

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