Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 7

Looks like we’re slipping back into the past once again. This weeks outing deals with the assistant ‘origin’ story of how he started working for Ms.Sweet’s grandfather in Camphorwood Village. Well Twitterverse, what did you think?

@utopianmae: I guess I have resolved to watch #jintai backwards to forwards when it is done…just to see it in the right order.

It feels a bit like Haruhi in a way! I guess it lets the audience piece together the storyboard… I guess they ran out of budget for an episode director.

@HirakuNoShadow: I want to slip off a banana peel to create multiples of myself, so that I can manage my time more efficiently. #Jintai

Those fairies have ridiculous technology. If slipping on a banana is enough to rip the time space continuum why don’t we have a time machine yet. If the fairies can do that why don’t they go 

@gendomike: Anyone almost get Endless Eight vibes with the latest #Jintai? Except it’s much, much shorter and thus less annoying.

What are you saying! The Endless Eight is the best of Haruhi hands down! So yes #Jintai gives me the Endless Eight vibes!

@zorogou: You know what makes perfect sense? Nendoroid Fairies #jintai.

That could be cute… How awesome would a Nendoroid Fairy concert be as the finale of the #Jintai. It would blow my mind. 

@moichispa#Jintai is not really a comedy.It is more like a sarcastic vision of the future. A pink coloured one.

On a more serious note a parody could be considered a comedy based on the elements found within the show. Since I am laughing my ass off watching this show I assume it to be comedy. I could be wrong or just weird. 

@fireaxe428: Whatever they say, don’t trust the fairies. #jintai

People say not to eat candy from strangers. I say not to eat banana’s or exploding carrot bread from the fairies. 

@n_y_o_w_a: キノの旅からラノベ入った勢からすれば靭帯はめっちょラノベ的に好印象なんだなぁ #jintai

Google Translate: I’m # jintai ligaments a good impression if plating Cho Ranobe to urge came from Ranobe from a trip of Kino

Alright I have no clue what they said but I am pretty sure that Google Translate being terrible like this will cause humanity to truly decline. 

The non sequential structure of the series so far feels a bit disorienting. Throwing a rift into the time/space continuum makes thing plain confusing. If this episode was trying to make a statement with it’s time hopping shenanigans then it flew way over my head. Hopefully the next outing brings all these points home to shed some light on the mysterious assistant.

While I didn’t really enjoy this episode as much as the rest, you can’t say Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita is not a creative title. Every week it loves to throw convention out the window and the storyboarding is a reflection of that. I wonder if we’ll ever jump into the far future for any of these mini-arcs to see the effects of the fairies on humanity. Even thought this was a bit of a lack luster episode, I’m not worried about the future of this show.

3 thoughts on “Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 7

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