Thought Train: Rinne no Lagrange – Episode 18

And let it be known that the universe was almost screwed over by love… again.

Ah yes, so the problem was, as it always is, love. Not the most original idea, but a pretty decent one nonetheless. Two best friends just so happen to be the leaders of opposing factions. Friend A’s sister falls in love with friend B. War ensues. Sister sacrifices herself to help them “see the light”. Except, of course, she’s really doing it to escape from the pain of having to watch the ones she love hurt each other. In reality it would be kind of like committing suicide to escape from the more unpleasant things in life. Luckily, this being anime, the “end” is conveniently not quite so permanent. Even so, the same still holds; you’re just running away. Take Madoka’s advice and suck it up.

And of course, we have Madoka’s grand entrance into the fray. Actually it was more like she unwittingly stuck her foot in the door and shoved it wide open, but I digress. The whole mind-body swapping was kind of convenient, and thus the revelation of the mutual feelings between Yurikano and Dizelmine was a fairly obvious outcome. But it would be way too easy for them to just have a happy ending right there, and we have so many questions about the Rin-ne that still haven’t been answered. It used to be that only Yurikano’s mind was sealed inside, but now it seems as if her body is also gone. Did she get sealed entirely into the Rin-ne this time? And what’s with those mysterious red crystals?

Given the tone of the show thusfar, I think it’s safe to say that Yurikano will eventually get out safely, but the more important question is whether Dizelmine and Vilajulio can learn stop quibbling after their brief reunion. I’d also like to know how exactly Midori was able to tell that Yurikano was in Madoka’s body, but I guess that can be handwaved with some “bond between pilot and mech” mumbo-jumbo.

One thought on “Thought Train: Rinne no Lagrange – Episode 18

  1. I don’t know what it is about this show, but you’re watching it and just thinking “Yeah! Go Madoka / Lan / Muginami / everyone!” The Voxes busting into the ship to grab the three girls was awesome. And I still don’t see Dizelmine as ‘evil’, the show seems to work really hard to keep everyone from being evil (although we might find out about Moid later 😉 ).

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