Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Weekly Update – Episode 5

Calculus fer days.

A new challenger appears!


Just when you thought it was finally over, here come the voice-changed calls again! Imouto-chan seriously enjoys playing with Shougo. I worry for his future if he does end up with her (obviously she’s an S). Now I know this show is trying it’s hardest to seem remotely serious with it’s “dramatic” developments, but it’s just not working. Remember the last girl who was found to have that magical pink phone? Turns out she wasn’t Imouto-chan. And they expect us to fall for the same trick twice? Well, maybe Shougo will. I’m just waiting for them to start snooping around school to find out who else has that phone. It’s a super-rare product that never officially made it on the market, right? Of course the school is going to be filled with students that own one. I guess if there’s one thing we should take from this episode, it’s that sleep deprivation is an effective psychological warfare method. Just look at the state Shougo is in. Oh wait, this probably doesn’t sound convincing coming from an aniblogger does it? Nothing to see here then.

It’s fairly evident that I’ve been putting out a lot of negativity with regards to this show. In all honesty this is well deserved, and despite my reservations about “hating” on shows, I can only call things as I see them. By no means am I saying that Who is Imouto is terrible, though. There’s an important distinction between “not good” and “bad”.

Apparently some of you want more images. We aim to please, so here are some “strategically chosen” samples. Click to enlarge (if you know what I mean).

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