Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 19

The sun finally sets in Okinawa… I can’t wait to go home.

Maybe this wasn’t just another side story. Apparently the events in Okinawa have implications upon the greater plot at hand. It’s a small relief considering the show completely deflated the shock of it’s cliffhanger. Like we learned in Economics 101, nothing is free, everything has an opportunity cost.

I’m glad after the tepid pacing of the last outing, the series treated us to some action. Accel World has the benefit of an eclectic mythos that can draw from anything from mecha to high fantasy and it was on display here. Where else could you see an homage to Voltron duke it out with a Dragon from Norse mythology?

The revelation that Megumi was indeed a Burst Linker was telegraphed last episode. While her being one isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the circumstances surrounding her seems a bit disconnected from the setting. The phantom girl, the trance that predicted her coming and her memory loss all seem more appropriate in a supernatural setting. Any sort of magical prowess was never on display earlier in the series. For now all it looks like is lazy storytelling for the convenience of ferrying Megumi in and out of the main storyline. The writers can give her memory loss anytime they don’t want her around. Poor girl, getting shafted by her best friend and the plot. “It’s hard out here for a supporting character…”

One of my earlier complaints with Accel World has been the unfocused storytelling. Events are sequenced in such a way that ruins the pacing. Sure, the ongoings in Okinawa might be important, but there are better ways to tell it than to completely leave behind Tokyo. Maybe if the two stories were told concurrently and weaved together, Accel World could have reaped the rewards of it’s excellent cliffhanger. I know I have been complaining about this for the second week running but it’s a testament to how important that event was in saving this show for me. The series was executing a brilliant second half and it disheartens me that it can’t shed the problems of the first.

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