Thought Train: Eureka Seven AO – Episode 15 and 16

Big Guns

Sometimes you just need a bit more bang to get the job done.

E7AO has always been kind of hit and miss to me. Fortunately, this seems to have changed for the better. For example, Hanna-mama and Gazelle’s brief but cryptic exchange in episode 15 was particularly intriguing. I’m not going to pretend that I really understand what they were going on about, but I can at least make a few guesses based on the following events in episode 16. When Hanna-mama first mentioned that (presumably) Eureka irreversibly changed Ao’s world, I thought it was in a sort of symbolic sense. She fell from the sky into the past and left poor Ao stranded there, or something along those lines. With the sudden appearance of that giant-quartz-turned-christmas-tree-gun-thingy though, I’m beginning to suspect that her line may have a more literal meaning.

We know that the “first” Eureka departed while hauling a large blob of quartz. Then the “second” Eureka shows up and tells us her unborn child is a girl. Unless Ao has a secret sister (oh look more Star Wars references) or is a reverse trap, this is probably a good indication that the two Eurekas aren’t the same being. Perhaps this is because the Scub Burst that the first Eureka triggered had the same effect as Ao’s magic glitter cannon? That would make the second Eureka an alternate version of the first Eureka instead of simply being an earlier self of the first Eureka. Of course, the problem with this is the first Eureka seemed to somehow know people that the second Eureka met for the first time, but perhaps there’s some deeper mindfuckery going on here that I’m unable to comprehend.

And then there’s the question of the Secrets’ stance. To me this is pretty simple. Yes, the Secrets are probably the “defenders” of space and time and all that other good stuff that the Japanese claim them to be. But that doesn’t have to make things black and white, with the Scub Coral being evil invaders. Most likely, this is just a rehash of the whole “misunderstanding each other” from the original Eureka Seven. The Secrets just need to learn to get along with the Coralians and the Coralians just have to learn that blowing stuff up doesn’t make you appear friendly. And then together they can carve giant hearts into the moon and live happily ever after. Hurrah!

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