Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 7


Please sir I want some more… Erica! 

One word. Erica. In a podcast earlier this week someone stated she’s the poor-man’s Hitagi. She gets what she wants and does as she pleases while remaining ever so enticing. If only she weren’t so obsessed with Godou and bit more tsundere. God I miss those times…

Unlimited Godou Works!

The rest of the female cast cannot compare to Erica at all. Yuri is always getting in the way and being so desperate to be useful. It’s a bit annoying how closely she sticks to the guidelines of her trope. There’s probably a handbook floating around in the anime universe called “Magical Japanese Shrine Maidens for Dummies”. She sticks to all the guidelines prescribed in there to a tee. Lilliana has a similar guide called, “Supporting Characters that Seem Evil But Have Very Nobel Reasons for Their Actions”. Okay… Maybe she’s a bit more unique than the rest of the crew but her personality is flat. I wish she would have a bit more chemistry with Yuri as that could be an interesting relationship to explore considering their history.

Kissing her turns on his sword.

What makes me incredibly mad is how much I want to like Campione!. Ancient Mythology is like crack to my literary soul. I can’t get enough of it. This week Duke Voban cycled through a few of his authorities, from Apollo and Osiris to the Chinese Lords of Weather. This is incredibly cool. What’s terrible is that the action sequence was boring. For the most part the two were standing around talking while intermittently releasing their powers. It’s interesting to hear the explanations for these abilities, but I rather see them used in dramatic choreographed sequences. I know this series has the capability for intense action as Erica’s fights are some of my favorite. She should have become a Campione instead of Mr.Kusanagi. Then again that would threaten the underlying chauvinism of the show. (That is an a article for some other time.)

The whole kissing to transfer information bit is getting old.  Its a contrived system that just forces Godou to make out with the rest of the cast. This week Yuri eats his face to pass on knowledge of Voban’s authorities. How can he lay one finger on another woman when he has Erica going gaga for him? Jokes aside, its a crutch for character interaction that fosters awkward storytelling.

So did no one notice that the Tokyo Tower just collapsed?

I won’t say this often but I am disappointed in Campione! I stopped blogging Dakara Boku Ha, H Ga Dekinai! to create a slot for this show. The former has been on a downward spiral since the impressive opener while I truly enjoy the latter for its humor and quirky characters. I still have hope… I have half a season left.


4 thoughts on “Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 7

  1. I’m totally glad you gave up Boku H, cause that means I get to blog it! And yeah, it’s much better than Campione! is. There’s a lot of potential, but the battles basically turn into card battles, as each guy pulls out an ability and blasts the other guy with it. There’s no ‘action’, there’s no ‘defense’, there’s just “I talk my power at you, and you talk your power at me.”

    Erica’s still the best looking girl in anime this season, tho (but Lisara is a close second!).

  2. I was a little worried Erica’s fight might be cut entirely due the nature of how much content was crammed into this episode. I’m glad they kept it in.

    The books are even more dialog focused during the fights than the anime. Basically Godou versus anyone is all words of power as Godou doesn’t really know how to fight. The anime changes some of that to automatic powers and gives spice to Godou’s warrior form by making it look like Unlimited Blade Works.

    Like for example Godou’s ram form that brings him back to life still requires that he use the words of power while he is on the brink of death. In the books the way it works is that basically all magic requires an incantation. Even the magic the gods themselves use is all based around incantations. It’s not a hard rule, but that is how it all winds up working in practice. Some of that is lost on the anime.

      • That’s a hard call since I have been enjoying both quite a bit. The books take more time to set things up. In the book neither the battles nor the relationships make you suffer from whiplash trying to keep up and offer a better overall balance with the storytelling.

        All things considered the anime has done a pretty good job of giving life to the original. Events are moved around a bit and often condensed, but the original vision is all still there just at a greatly accelerated pace. If the anime has a cardinal sin the pacing would be it.

        To give you an idea of how fast events are moving.. The first episode essentially covered the entire 3rd book. The rest of the episodes have been split between the 1st and 2nd books which have had their content exhausted at this point.

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