Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 7

I finally got around to reading the side story light novels that the past few episodes were based on. I have to say they were a bit underwhelming but maybe that’s because of the translation. Of the four tales presented, Lizbeth’s was probably my least favorite. But before I tell you why lets take a look at what the Twitterverse thought!

@TheOtakusphere: Caught up on anime this weekend. Not getting the #SAO hate, it moved too fast at the beginning but at least it’s definitely going somewhere.
No don’t leave me Sword Art Online! I hardly knew yee! Wait you mean the story is going somewhere… Yeah I guess that can be debated but hopefully it does!
@kousakakiririn: I think what draws me so much to #SAO is the similarities in style with#Index
Such as the main character looking seemingly useless but actually is crazy awesome? Well… Not crazy awesome but he’s cool enough I guess. Kirito’s so cool he doesn’t even know he has a harem.
@laniemon: ‘In return for that, I want Kirito to make me your exclusive smith’. Gotta be one of the top 10 most geekiest romantic line, ever www #SAO
Too bad she didn’t get any! I wonder how much time she wasted thinking up that line. Still if I was in #SAO I’d probably fall for it.
@Systems_: Kirito: Plays video games 24/7 > Always has girl problems #SAO
Kirito is what we call an e-manwhore, except since he’s probably a virgin he doesn’t know how to seal the deal yet. Can you imagine if he was actually cognizant of the fact he is so attractive in the virtual world?
@yatlax: HAHAAH the look on Lizbeth’s face when Kirito broke her sword #SAO
Wait Lizbeth was a trap? I didn’t know she had a sword to break! Wait… There I go misinterpreting things again. Maybe I should pull my head out of the gutter sometimes. 
@AmpedRain: My obsession with Sword Art Online is growing larger.
You should get that checked out before it grows too big. 
Most the Japanese Tweets were from bots so I didn’t even both posting one up. Let’s just say the Japanese sure love their Twitter.
My only problem with the side stories from the light novel is that they all have Kirito in it. I wish they would explore some of the other relationships characters might have in this desperate world. The setting is the main attraction to this series and I wished they’d take some time to let the viewer explore it from different point of views.
Lizbeth’s and Kirito’s interaction is off putting as well. I understand that he is a high level character, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to create a harem around him, especially when it’s going to be discarded later. From the opening sequence and foreshadowing done in this episode we know the focus will be on the relationship of Kirito and Asuna. This is fine considering they have some great chemistry together.
But this romance angle shouldn’t be the crutch that all of Kirito’s female relationships hinge on. He should be able to create mutual friendships with them. His ability to attract any girl cheapens any personality he interacts. It’s also become terribly predictable by this point. Sure Lizbeth was a bit tsundere to begin with but how quickly did it devolve into her leaning on Kirito  for support.
Considering how excellent the pacing and development of the leads has been up to this point, the supporting cast deserves a bit more attention. If it feels as if the show doesn’t care about them, how can I as a viewer?  I’m not saying that Sword Art Online is bad show by any means, but it still has flaws that it should address.

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