Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 18

What was she trying to say?

 Mountaineering is serious business.

Good? This week’s mystery? Hah! Even a grade-schooler could have seen where things were going. But here’s the kicker; the focus wasn’t even on the mystery! Yes, I’ve complained about the pointlessness of some of Hyouka’s mysteries before, but this episode managed to make the most of the crappy mystery it was given. Despite Houtarou’s repeated claims that he’s a lazy-ass slacker, it’s obvious that he is anything but. Well, actually I guess what he said from the start wasn’t too far from the truth. Sure, he only does the minimum of what’s necessary as quickly as possible, but what we don’t normally consider as part of “necessity” are his own desires. That said, I wasn’t nearly as surprised as the Classics Club members when Houtarou abruptly uttered Eru’s trademark phrase. Perhaps sometimes, analyzing someone from an objective point of view reveals even more than simply being a close friend.

And is that a hint of a budding romance I see there? Ok the show has probably been shipping Houtarou and Eru from the very beginning, but if you think about it, this really is the first time we’ve seen them interacting on such an intimate level. What I would like to know, though, is what exactly was Eru going to say at the end. Was it something obvious that I missed? The context of Houtarou talking about being careful around insensitive people doesn’t seem to give us any hints. It’s not as if Houtarou or Eru just learned that humans aren’t perfect and that people hurt each other all the time. I seriously doubt either of them is that ignorant about human nature. Nor has the show really focused on the less pleasant aspects of human relationships in the past (aside from Eru’s incessant nagging). Perhaps Hyouka is becoming a social commentary like Jinrui? Somehow I highly doubt that’s the case.

The mystery was uninteresting and far too straightforward, but as mentioned above, it wasn’t the focus of the episode. I suppose it would have been a nice touch for it to be just as well done as the character interactions, but maybe that would have distracted us from exactly that.

Damn, Eru. Get out of Houtarou’s face. This week’s Eru hate, brought to you by Sumairii.

2 thoughts on “Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 18

  1. She was totally going to say “Watashi wa Oreki-san koto ga suki da!”

    Houtarou seriously needs to work out some secret signals with Satoshi if he’s going to keep thinking of doing things. Every time he wants Satoshi to go with him with no fuss, Satoshi blows it and amps up Eru. Although, that might be intentional, and Satoshi just wants to give Houtarou a hard time, cause he knows how much he likes dealing with Eru (*nishishishishi*), even though they’re getting to be closer friends.

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