Kokoro Connect Weekly Update – Episode 7

The shift from body switching to the unleashing of the cast’s inner desires has moved the focus of the series from the past to the present. During all the soul swapping, the their inner trauma’s came to light. Iori and Yui both had to come to terms with their troubled histories, while Inaba had to understand it was okay to be lost. With their inhibitions unbridled, the attention has moved to the here and now. Rather than dealing with the causes of their actions and atitudes, the Cultural Research Society has to deal with the ramifications of them.

One issue some viewers had with the last arc was that Taichi seemed to be the axis around which three females orbited. He came to each of them as a selfless, wrestling obsessed guardian angel and offered them a hand to lead them to salvation. He himself as a character was never fleshed out and seemed to only be a plot device, a catalyst for the female leads to overcome their demons.

What’s happening right here?!

While the argument can still be made that his development circles around the fact that he is a ‘selfless freak’, a darker side of that feeling is beginning to unveil itself. In his fight with Inaba we begin to see how arrogantly he follows his ideals, regardless of the complex mix of emotions involved. Whether he intends to or not he projects his benevolent nature onto those around him. When those expectations are shattered by what Taichi perceives to be selfish actions, it creates a deep feeling a resentment within him. Until now Taichi seemed invincible. It looks like even he has a weakness too.

At times it seems as if the script is hitting you over the head with its philosophy, but there are many subtle nuances in the direction. The  ideologies of the characters merely serve as a frame for the viewer to fill in. Each week the canvas isn’t filled in, we’re just given more colors to paint their portraits with.

Inaba is also showing a crack in her armor.

Like how I never know what is exactly going on in Inaba’s head. For all the strength she shows, it seems like a visage for a frail individual. She concerns herself with the problems of her peers to distract from her own. But when those distractions turn painful as well, all she can do is retreat into her shell.

Yui, who had been afraid to be hurt by the outside world, now is afraid of hurting other people. But isn’t this the power that she wanted? She not only overcame her fears, she decimated them. Now she’s hiding away from both her friends and family. Maybe a part of her relishes in the mastery of her domain. Maybe she’s scared she’s become a monster so easily. The rest of the crew have had their desires set free but none of them have succeeded in hurting anyone. Why her?

Throughout the episode, the writers give us these bread crumbs to chew on. It’s my favorite part of the series. I find myself thinking about the cast long after I’m done writing my post for the site. Week in and week out I look forward to this show the most.

Aoki! Who are you? I wish some more time would be spent developing our blonde haired lover boy. At time he feels like filler character that tries to tie the script and events together. While this isn’t the most terrible role to fill, I’m hoping he can offer a bit more as character. When surrounded by such a vibrant cast, he just come off as a sore spot in great show.

Let me have more screen time to impress Yui! Onegaishimasu!

Maybe the time constraints of the medium haven’t been friendly to him. If only he could make nice with the producers to give him a bit more screen time.

There was nothing really ugly about this episode. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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