Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Weekly Update – Episode 8

Muv-Luv follows E7AO’s footsteps.

This must be big gun week or something.

Oh look, it’s those giant alien bugs that were neglected for the last few episodes! As interesting as it has been watching Yui get all dere over Yuuya, it really feels like you’re ignoring the elephant in the room if you forget about the BETA. After all, humanity is supposed to be pushed to the brink from continually fighting a losing battle against them. Call it moving the plot along, if you want.

Have any of you read Ender’s Game? Humanity in that universe manages to throw away its differences and unite in the face of a common threat (also in the form of space bugs, at that). And what about in Muv-Luv? Giant bugs eating your friends? Guess you’ll just have to blow off some steam by raping a little girl. Wait, what? Are these people stupid or something? Ok, granted the Hegemony in Ender’s Game was merely a fragile mask for powerful countries vying for control over the world, but at least they pretended to get along. If you’re fighting a war, do you call the people at home making the weapons for you cowards? I wouldn’t think so, but apparently it makes sense to these silly TSF pilots. Suck it up. And to those girls who were about to help the guys in attempted rape, shame on you. Despite my reservations about treating genders with different standards, there should be absolutely no circumstance in which you abet rape.

Surprisingly, nothing. Despite my past railings against Muv-Luv, it seems to be slowly improving somehow. I’ve been told that the producers have taken viewer response into consideration, which is always a nice thing. Or perhaps the show is simply growing on me? Regardless, it’s undeniable that I quite like the renewed focus on the BETA threat. That really is the main point of interest in my eyes, not swimsuits. Plus, we’ll hopefully get to see some more mecha action. Can’t argue with that!

6 thoughts on “Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Weekly Update – Episode 8

  1. I’d have to say that even though the story is getting better, I found the art in this episode particularly (well, it’s when I noticed it) to be sorely lacking. Mostly the character faces. Whatever the drawing style could be called, it seems incapable of showing an appropriate emotion. Yuuya in particular just can’t match up his face to any emotion. It’s jarring and really pulls you out of the story.

    • I did notice that the faces looked weird this episode as well, but hopefully it’s only a one-time thing. After all, the faces seemed to look fine in previous episodes, if I remember correctly.

  2. Just an FYI kind of comment here, nothing more or less:

    I can guess why they’d threaten/carry out rape without a second thought. Frontline troops tend to think of themselves as greater than those in the rear, and adding salt to the wound is Cryska’s “Let’s all work for the good of the motherland!” when the same motherland had strung up their home countries as gigantic nuclear traps for the BETA – probably without said nations’ consents, seeing as this IS a desperate Soviet Union after all… that did jack all to stop the alien advance. Building weapons is nice and all, but they’re not going to even come close to piloting a Terminator or any of its variants when they’re sharing the same base with units that use even older crap-cans (MiG-23/-27); they’re lucky to be even using Su-27s. Given that the Su-37UB’s been out for a good three years before the timeline starts, they know that the tech is more of the military’s plaything for the Sisters than something for those who put their life on the line.

    Then they spend the next few years living in frontline, high-stress conditions with gruesome death, low-tolerance people, prejudice and dog-eat-dog attitudes always close by, alongside proper soldiers, pragmatic soldiers, and then the kind of serial-rapists/murderers that like to choose frontline over gulag. Teens gonna teen and learn from the worst. It’s pretty telling just how crappy it is when there’s a chapter of TSFiA dedicated to telling the story of an anti-insurgency Soviet assault team. So far the Soviets are the only ones with that kind of story.

    So do they deserve some kind of comeuppance? Yes; and in a proper army they would be facing imprisonment at least. I’d hate to think what the European Union armies would do to them; and god help them if the same deed was carried out on a Royal Guard personnel. If they got chomped, or if they even get mentioned at all after this episode, all they’ll get from me is a smirk.

    Is it that shocking a development in the story? Personally I think that the internet is blowing it out of proportion.

    • I had a lengthy discourse written on the futility of attempting to justify rape, but then I realized that it was actually irrelevant.

      I think the thing to note here is that any mention of the incident was merely to remind us that rape is a terrible act, and not to stress that the scenes leading up to it are shocking plot developments (they really aren’t). I’m fairly certain I didn’t write anything to that effect, in any case.

      • Nein, but I realized that some places on the internet are in an uproar over it. Not the “They raped my cute Inia, they must die” kind of uproar, but the “Bleergh, rape in my anime? So tasteless, totally no buildup” when it didn’t need any. In their defence though, I’d admit that the teens needed to rant more about how the Soviets left their countries to die for the message to get across rather than let the whole scene skim through the underlying social issues and quickly refocus on Inia getting accosted by a horny kid (now, that licking was something completely not fitting for TE unless he’s THAT depraved.)

        Honestly I found Yui’s sudden dere more glaring than the implied rape.

      • Ah. It’s evident yet again that I don’t read many other aniblogs. Then again, the wording of that paraphrased quote seems to imply that it is from some elitist, and associating with elitists is looked down upon nowadays so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing for me.

        In any case, I’m glad you agree that the sudden change in Yui’s character was… well, sudden. And in extension, jarring.

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