Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 8

This week Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita had an interesting outing. The last episode threatened to alienate some viewers but rightfully tied together the lose strands this week. While it wasn’t a wholly satisfying conclusion like the other arcs of this story, it added another interesting fold to Ms.Sweet’s crazy world. Now onto the Tweets!

@R1CK_D0M: ok so I really have no idea what happened in the most recent #jintai

I don’t think many people do. But with further research I have discerned that Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was trying to tap into its young male demographic with the slight amounts of fanservice that it had!

@resoni: Fun fact: Ringo Kid was voiced by Ash. Grandpa was voiced by Professor Oak. #Jintai

Mind = Blown. That is the best meta-reference in any anime. Can you imagine if they switched the roles. That would be a Mind = Fucked.

@nekonekotea: Ahahaha I’m so late- just read about who Ringo Kid really is. #jintai

But do you really know who he is? We have a theme for these Tweet replies. 

@PantherRH#Jintai 08 Great line by Nakahara on how one might define oneself using others’ opinions. Sociology/psychology teaches you the same thing.

I refuse to believe #Jintai is an educational anime. All I was fascinated with this episode was how Ms.Sweet’s was subjected to sexual harassment and she liked it.

@yunamon: Find my self literally LOL when the word “Time Paradogs” is mentioned.#Jintai

I laughed even harder when the Grandfather was acting like he knew what he was talking about. I wonder how much they paid the voice actor to say those two words. They weren’t even that profound. 

@woxxy: It’s like I was watching Evangelion backwards #jintai

Why would you ever watch Evangelion forwards… 

The last two arcs have been fantastic in my book. For a show that was about the decline of humanity, it really did need a human element. I was afraid that the series would become too obsessed with its social commentary. While that sort of plot direction is fine for a single cour anime, it would have squandered this series’ immense potential. It’s often difficult to find a world as quirky or a cast as likable as Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita in a market flooded with typical slice-of-lifes and comedies, and to have it beat us over the head with a political agenda would just have left a bad taste in my mouth.

The Assistant, up until this point, has been a bit of a misnomer in the cast. He did have some funny moments as he doodled some ridiculous sketches on his pad, but most of the attention he had garnered was from his silence. Jintai has a chatty crew so it was odd to see such a taciturn character amongst its ranks. I was glad that we finally caught a glimpse of his past and learn a bit of his backstory and the foundations of his relationship with Watashi. The only thing I fear is that this episode will become the basis for future Assistant x Watashi fanfiction. Please I am begging all of you on fanfiction.net to not cross this line! It’s just wrong!

Interestingly enough, the exploration of the Assistant was framed in an almost spiritual way. Journeys of discovery are difficult roads and  in the Assistant’s case, weave paths that tear the fabric of the time-space continuum. An important point the episode makes, as Watashi explains, is that self-discovery is not done alone. Our identities are not only framed in our minds but are a function of the opinions others have of us. It’s comparing and contrasting our own personal beliefs with the ideas of other that we can begin to form the borders of our individuality.

I hope Jintai continues to surprise me week in week out and that the Twitterverse continues to give me material to write these posts. Until next week!

9 thoughts on “Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 8

  1. Jintai was not meant to be educational. It was meant to be a look at our contemporary period as a past from the eyes of the future. In other words, a light-hearted satirical look of sorts towards the things we did or do in this period.

    • Haha yeah I agree. The tweets are supposed to be fun for everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read the site! But yeah I am immensely enjoying this show for its upbeat take on satire. Most of the time such genre of works tend to take a more morose point of view. This is more Candide than Dr.Strangelove.

  2. I actually got a question. Why is Jintai so good? I only watched the first few minutes of the first episode, I liked it so far but don’t get it why people love it so much. ‘-‘

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