The Week That Was #5

The Week That Was is back with another round up of our three additional shows!

Don’t Make Pace Angry!

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 8

Episode 8 of Arcana Famiglia focused on Jolly, and how half the family hates him. The strange boy “Elmo” that showed up at the Piccolino is apparently a homunculus created by Jolly, he does experiments on the other family members, and generally is a jerk. And Luca, Pace, and Debito all want to kick his ass. This episode sure didn’t go anywhere towards making Jolly be a character that you’d want Fel to end up with, and I was almost hoping that Pace would punch his lights out, but unfortunately he didn’t hit him that hard. So we got a little more backstory on Family goings on, but almost nothing in the way of romantic plot development, or much of anything about the Duello. I think the show might be better served just focusing on Liberta and Nova and Fel from here out.

Temperature: Coldest part of the refrigerator, you know, where you forget about stuff way in the back.

Believe it or not, Akatsuki called Miu’s suit LESS slutty than others.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – Episode 7

As a reward for saving the little girl from the terrorists, the student council gets a trip to the beach. Oh, and Akatsuki actually did the saving, so they invited him, and he brought along his passel o’ girls. So everyone ends up at the beach. Vice-Prez Haruka’s still doing her tsun routine with Akatsuki, but is convinced to go play in the water with the rest of the harem. Later, they find Motoharu running a contest on the beach, where someone will get chased, and whoever possesses that someone’s swimsuit at the end of an hour will win a prize.  Of course everyone enters, and Akatsuki is picked as the target (conveniently they decide it has to be a guy for legal reasons, although they keep talking about it being on TV, and that they’ll ‘fix’ any indiscretions that happen). So our hero decides that if everyone’s going to be after his swimsuit, it’s only fair that he can fight fire with fire, or swimsuits with swimsuits, or something. Anyway, this is right up his alley, and he proceeds to unsuit every other contestant before getting disqualified for being in the water with Miu. Wah wah waaaaaah.

Meanwhile, the other dimension that Akatsuki fled from with Miu has figured out that he took the Demon Lord’s daughter, and is mobilizing to find him.  So we get the introduction of a new character who is going to be after Akatsuki.

Temperature: Sunny and warm at the Beach, with a chance of plot in upcoming episodes.

Saru’s Unstoppable Monkey-Loli Force!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 7

The conquest of Japan continues for Nobuna and her retinue. She’s about ready to march on Kyoto, the capital of Japan, but first has to deal with Asai, who is now desperate to marry someone. Nobuna offers her little “sister”, Nobunaga, and Asai gladly accepts, and allies with the Oda. Personally, I think the trap aspect of Nobunaga won’t be a problem, since I’ve been convinced from the beginning that Asai is a reverse-trap.  They should be plenty happy together.

With the Asai on her side, while Nobuna and her generals mop up some other territories, she sends the Monkey-Loli force to scout out what’s going on in Kyoto, and hopefully make contact with the Princess. They find Kyoto ravaged by thugs and lawlessness. They also find more lolis, including Lady Himiko. Sagaru shares Oda Nobuna’s dream for Japan, and wins the confidence of Himiko. Later, Nobuna’s army arrives in Kyoto and restores order to the city, and most people are happy. Meanwhile, we see the enemies of the Oda, who are conspiring together to take over Japan on their own. And they’ve got a new ally: Yoshitatsu Saitou, whose life Nobuna spared (despite the protest of his tactician father Dousan) after conquering Mino.

There’s more intrigue in store, and Sagaru is already starting to run up against the limitations of his historical knowledge, as things change around him. Can he still be a useful advisor, without the ‘cheat codes’?

Temperature: Staying at a low boil.

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