Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 20

Welcome back to Tokyo!

After a tepid Okinawa arc its great to be back in Tokyo. We finally get to witness the fallout from Chiyu’s betrayal of Haru and the gang to become Nomi’s healer.  The slow episode was surprisingly salvaged by Taku, who was becoming notorious for putting a damper on great episodes with his flaccid personality. He displayed a great sense of humor that brightened the dire situation. This is the most interesting he has been since he was a villain.  I would like to see him in this light more often as his angst ridden nature usually drags down the show.

This episode was a slow affair that’s building up to Kuroyuki’s return to save the day. It’s annoying how the plot is too insecure to move without holding Snow Black’s hand. Maybe it’s a metaphor for Haru? No that would be too witty for the writers of this show to accomplish. To be honest, I am not a fan of this slow build up. The story in Tokyo has been exciting up until this point, and after the Okinawan buzzkill, this episode had to be a shot of adrenaline. I wanted to feel a sense of urgency but all I witnessed was a nonchalant series diddling about mildly interesting plot points.

What annoyed me most was the fallout from the battle with Nomi. The reaction of Nomi and Taku felt a bit contrived. Chiyu has been much of the emotional driving force for the show and without her, any attempts to provoke an empathetic reaction feel hollow. While the interference of the Chrome Disaster bringing out Haru’s darker emotions is an interesting fold, I’d have liked these feelings to develop naturally, not from a plot device.

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