Warrior’s Code: Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Episode 8

Fighting leads to glory right? In this day and age, when chivalry seems to be dead, being a knight seems that much more attractive. Taking up a sword and donning armor seems so romantic. No one does these things anymore right? She will love me if I fight for her… right? I want to say yes. I really do. You see I am a hopeless romantic, and I’m not looking for a cure anytime soon. Maybe my mind is trapped in a storybook much like Hazuki, but instead of being Lancelot I end up looking more like Don Quixote fighting windmills instead of giants.

This week we see some resolve in Hazuki. For the past few episodes he has been diddling about Shimao’s fantasy realm. While Hazuki’s feelings have been explicitly stated before, his actions never reflected his conviction. He spent his time taking in the sights and sounds crafted by Shimao without a thought to what the ghost might be doing with his body. Now he’s tempered his will and jumped down the rabbit hole, quite¬†literally.

But is it worth it?

For all he knows Rokka might have put one and one together and realized she’s fallen for Shimao all over again. Who know what he’s up to in his filched form. But is the math really that simple? It’s thoughts like these that drive us to fight back. Fate cannot be that cruel to trap Hazuki in this water color world while the man that has passed on enjoys the throws of Hazuki’s youth. No. Destiny isn’t written in stone. It’s just mere suggestions on the course our life can take… With a big enough eraser you could probably rewrite providence.

The apathetic squire has drawn his sword from the stone and is ready to do battle, white horse and all. It’s an admirable story that an underdog like me can rally around. I want him to win. There’s something incredibly romantic about overcoming an overwhelming force for the woman you love. The action itself is a sublimation of your true feelings. Nothing needs to be said, your love is something to be witnessed and experienced.

“I will fight for you no matter what…”

“Nothing can stop me from being there for you”

“I promise I’ll be by your side.”

“I’ll never abandon you…”

In your mind, nobler words have never been spoken. These are the justifications for fighting. A warrior’s code for passion’s greatest new soldier. Take a moment though and think to yourself… ¬†did she ever ask?

Sometimes, taking a step back is important. They say you have to believe in the cause to win the fight… In this instance the cause needs to believe in you. Does she want you to win? Better yet, does she even know your fighting? What are you even fighting for or against? These questions might seem ridiculous but they must be answered before you take a step on the warpath.

Do you see her hanging around with another guy? Is she having problems with her family? Is she being bothered by an ex? In our heart of hearts, sometimes taking a stand is not in her best interest regardless of the reason. She might actually like the guy she’s spending time with or she and her ex are learning to cope with their distance. The world isn’t black and white, that is why there aren’t anymore knights on gallant steeds.

But all hope is not lost. Sometimes the answers is yes. You’re fighting for the right cause. She knows that you’ve taken up arms. She’s rooting for you. You can be the hero you always knew you could be. Saving the damsel has become reality.

In Hazuki’s case the signs are all there. Rokka is trying hard to get over her husband. While at times she might not succeed… Her tears are proof that it’s an issue that haunts her (quite literally). It took him a while to realize the error of his ways. For now all we can wait for is the war report for a sleepy eyed warrior.

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