Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 8

The budding relationship of Asuna and Kirito has finally come into the spot light. Kirito’s extracurricular activities have been okay up until this point, but I’m glad to see the story finally get into the full swing of things. Let’s see how the rest of the Twitterverse felt about this weeks episode!

@skyvory: That’s weird. Looks like his new sword was just a show off, maybe.#SAO

Kirito never misses a chance to show off… Maybe that’s why he’s so popular with the ladies. 

@XOMatsumaeOhana: They won’t die next ep . I’m sure they will be close to death. But somehow get saved, and they may reflect on there mistake afterwards.#SAO

How great of a plot twist would it be if both of them did die though? It would follow Sword Art Online’s penchant for killing off potentially great characters!

@SirTobbii: Last third of the episode was good. But I’ll get into details on tonights JAAP. #SAO

I’m sure Kirito is getting into the details tonight as well! Well after they kill the boss I guess. 

@jlist: Asuna from Sword Art Online. I love that girl.

I’m sure Kirito loves her too… In bed! Wow I made a funny!

 ‏@iSarii#SAO EP8!!! Watching nowww~

Not every tweet is exciting. Sometimes a fan just needs to yell out to the world they are watching a specific episode of a specific anime… This phenomenon needs more research as to a possible cause. 

@SplashdownTiger: just watching the interface happenings in #SAO is awesome

They go hardcore… I wonder if they have interface sex as well. With all those people stuck in there for so long I know they would need some release!

Foreshadowed in the second episode, Asuna and Kirito are finally setting out together on their adventures. Their paths have been taken different turns, but on the 74th floor, their roads have finally intersected with one another. Brought together by something as innocuous as food, it serves to highlight the tender moments the game is capable of creating.

It’s easy to recognize Sword Art Online as more than an action and adventure series. It’s a romance at heart and I’m glad the two leads have greath chemistry. At times Kirito’s personality can seem a bit generic but his intereactions with Asuna bring out the best in him. It’s admirable to see the the chestnut haired vixen be independent, a quality that seems to be gravely lacking in the women of #SAO. I hope that she doesn’t devolve into a weak character whose identity becomes a function of Kirito’s. I want Asuna to stand on her own merits and hope the underlying chauvinism of the side stories doesn’t ruin the great balance between the two now.

Many have complained about the side stories of the light novel being the focus of the series up until now. To those critics I say that they were a necessary exercise that gives context to the story at hand. In anime, a linear format has a much smoother pacing that is conducive to story telling. Considering how the game mechanics play a part in the progression of the plot, simplifying the narrative from the light novels is paramount for viewer enjoyment. While the light novels are great, I love how Sword Art Online is forging its own path as an anime.

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