Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 8

This week we start at the beach!

Well… the good. How about I just quote what I had last week!

One word. Erica. In a podcast earlier this week someone stated she’s the poor-man’s Hitagi. She gets what she wants and does as she pleases while remaining ever so enticing. If only she weren’t so obsessed with Godou and bit more tsundere. God I miss those times…

Addendum: This week we get to see Erica in a bikini!

I’ve always praised this series for it’s great action. Liliana, while she fights in a similar way to Erica, doesn’t have the charisma to tie a sequence together. I wish Godou wasn’t so over powered. Maybe we would see a bit more fighting from the rest of cast. This week Godou entered mortal combat with Perseus. Considering the greek hero is swordsman and the Campione is more of a ranged fighter, any delicate choreography between the two is non-existant.

The storytelling for this series is still underwhelming. The other Campione are up to their reckless god summoning shenanigans again. There doesn’t really seem to be any rhyme or reason to the appearances of the gods themselves or the circumstances surrounding them. Doni, the self proclaimed rival of Godou, somehow unleashes Hera’s pet dragon. Coincidentally Perseus and Athena get involved in the mix to incite a full out celestial battle royale.

What should have been exciting, over-the-top war between deities, becomes a manhunt for Godou by Perseus. Again, there doesn’t seem to be a clear motivation for the god. We’re just supposed to accept it. Liliana explains Perseus’ reasoning as, “Following the change in his battle spirit”. What?

Suspending your disbelief is the key to enjoying fiction. The logic of the show doesn’t have to follow the logic of the real world by any means, but making sure the threading of your plot is understandable is still crucial. At times the series takes so many liberties with it’s own mythos that it ruins the cohesiveness of the story. I don’t put all the blame on the script writers though. I believe that Campione! is suffering from a lack of time. I understand that many¬†accommodations¬†needed to be made for the brief twenty-three minutes the show has and the one cour its slated for. But there is no need to sacrifice quality for content.

Hopefully next week many of the questions I have will be answered. What happened to Hera’s pet dragon? Why is Perseus even around? Why is he trying to kill a Campione? Why does Godou have so many women?

One thought on “Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 8

  1. Perseus is a heretic god so that means hes basically not just the hero Perseus. I haven’t read much of the 4th book yet so I’m entirely sure, but my best guess is that Perseus is a god of the sun same as Godou only higher up on the hierarchy of gods than Verethragna.

    The next episode should answer a lot of the questions this one left open I think.

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