Thought Train: Eureka Seven AO – Episode 17

Oh look, another case of anime-ception.

Shit just got real. But maybe it didn’t in the E7AO of a different world?

So this is that episode where everything is explained. Conceptually, at least. Turns out the newly christened “Quartz Gun” is capable of ripping through space and time. Oh, and this is actually a property inherent to all quartz. So instead of actually “changing” the world, it looks like E7AO is taking the route of multiple worlds (or time-planes, as Eureka would call them). What’s interesting is that the jump itself doesn’t seem to be what causes the “change”. Instead, it would appear as if the consumption (or destruction?) of quartz to achieve the jump is what creates the noticeable change. Which then begs the question, if the Quartz Gun were “fired” in such a way that it doesn’t interact with anything aside from “jumping” the user, would the user end up in a different world with no visible differences from the one he had just left? Or perhaps the interaction with quartz is a necessary factor for the jump? I guess it wouldn’t really make a difference in the end, but it would serve as an interesting conceptual exercise.

More importantly, is Ao’s conversation with Eureka. It sounds like Renton is also looking for the Quartz Gun, and supposedly the version Ao has is “incomplete”. What would the “complete” version be capable of, then? And just why would Renton even be interested in such an item? Surely he knows that it only transports the user instead of permanently changing the universe. And what would he even be looking to change? Last I saw of E7, humanity was starting on it’s way to getting along with the Coralians. If I had to guess, I suppose the most obvious answer to the first question would be that the “complete” version of the Quartz Gun gives the user the ability to control which world (s)he ends up in. The next logical answer, then, would be that Renton is simply looking to save Eureka. But then there’s that peculiar expression that crossed Eureka’s face when Ao expressed exactly that sentiment. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t look like she’s very happy about the thought of anyone going in after her.

In any case, despite my initial claim that this episode of E7AO gave us some answers, we’re left with more questions yet again. Despite the little tidbits that have been revealed about him, we still don’t know what the heck Truth is. Johansson apparently found a young Truth in the midst of a Scub burst and learned about “other worlds” from him, so it’s obvious he’s not from this world (if you couldn’t tell from his looks). Where did he come from, then? And what is his connection to Eureka? We’ve been wondering these things for a while now, with no answer in sight. And there’s also that ever so slightly significant line that Elena spouts after Ao realizes the true nature of the Quartz Gun (not to mention that unusually serious look on her face). It’s fairly safe to say that she knows more about what’s going on than she lets on, so perhaps she’s in a similar situation as Truth. We’re still in the dark about what the deal is between Elena and Miller, and that one trippy episode that “focused” on them didn’t help much. I can only hope that E7AO starts wrapping up the loose ends before we get too lost.

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