Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 19

Shippers rejoice.

Oreki really is his own worst enemy.

Now, I’ve said in the past that I don’t like mysteries that only the “detective character” can solve. There’s usually a lot of circumstantial evidence and knowledge involved that we as the viewers (or readers) don’t have access to, and that just leaves a sort of bitter, dissatisfying taste in the back of our mouths. As enjoyable as it is to watch a character break down a mystery, it’s even more satisfying if we can also make our own deductions. Luckily, Hyouka’s mystery of the week somewhat redeemed itself from this by throwing us a bone. Actually, make that a gun. Chekhov’s gun, that is. Despite how Houtarou was able to come to such a ridiculous conclusion from just a simple announcement, tying it back to the poster we saw within the first thirty seconds of the episode provided that “Aha!” moment that makes mysteries worthwhile.

And for once, I have to admit that I quite enjoyed watching Eru’s interactions with Houtarou. Yes, she was plenty cute but annoying (she always is anyway), but the way she unconsciously helped Houtarou reach a “reasonable” conclusion was really quite entertaining. This episode really was one big mind game, with Eru coming out on top, despite neither of them realizing this by the end. On that note, I’m beginning to wonder if Houtarou and Eru will become an “official” couple before the end of the series. This is only the second of two episodes centered on the two of them, but the preview indicates that we can expect the next episode to be the same. And the next episode just so happens to be the penultimate. Barring the final episode being completely unrelated and thus dissatisfying, it would only make sense for it to continue the trend. At the rate at which things have been progressing, it really might not be too surprising for Houtarou and Eru to get together for the finale.

So uhh… What happened with Satoshi? I thought the show had something interesting going on with his “rivalry” with Houtarou (it was more just envy, to be honest). I suppose the obvious answer is time constraints, but that was something that I would have liked to see further elaborated upon. Maybe he’ll just get together with Mayaka (despite certain allegations about his sexual orientation) and they’ll have a double date with Houtarou and Eru or something. At least that’ll put him in close proximity with his alleged man-crush.

I kept warning Eru to get out of Houtarou’s face. Now she’s gone and made him all conscious about it. Great. If you ask me, this is how things should have gone down…

This week’s Eru hate, brought to you by Sumairii.

5 thoughts on “Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 19

  1. I’m guessing that the show won’t officially put them together, even though I’d like to see that. I think we’ll get more stuff like this, with them getting closer, with Houtarou more tolerant of her and Eru more comfortable with him. On the other hand, there’s no hope of a Mayaka / Satoshi pair. It’s just not going to happen, no matter what team Satoshi plays for. He’s just not that into her.

    I don’t know what the last two episodes are, but I think it would be fun to see one where Mayaka and Satoshi catch on to Eru and Houtarou liking each other.

    • Aww. Where’s Muginami to push heads together when you need her? Well, I suppose taking a slower pace is to be expected anyway.

      As for Satoshi and Mayaka, I agree that the chances of anything happening are pretty low, but we can always hope (I’m rooting for you, Mayaka!). Or maybe there will be a sudden twist in which Satoshi “steals” Houtarou from Eru…

  2. Chitanda is perhaps the only person Houtarou can’t say no to. Chitanda seem enthralled by Houtarou’s almost superhuman cognitive abilities and Houtarou is equally mystified by Chitanda’s boundless enthusiasm.

    On a lighter note, I find Chitanda’s annoyed face adorable.

    • I wonder if Houtarou really can say no to other people, or if they just typically give up before Eru does. Eru ignores his social cues more than other people, which in thinking about it seems kind of odd, because she’s the one who more frequently than anyone else in the cast is considerate of other people’s feelings and overall propriety. It really does point out that Houtarou is someone special to her.

      And I find everything about her adorable. 🙂

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