The Week That Was #6

Back with another roundup of Arcana Famiglia, Hagure Yuusha, and Oda Nobuna

Mother and Daughter try to save Father

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 9

There’s trouble in the family.  Mondo is down in bed, and fading badly. But why? Fel decides she’s going to find out, and corners Jolly and Dante until they tell her, so against Dante’s better judgment, Jolly tells her the whole story: When fighting off an invading navy to Regalo, Mondo made a contract with The World Tarocco. And while the others have contracts with most of the major Arcana, the ones that don’t have contracts basically feed off Mondo, who is finally losing to the pressure. But there’s a possibility to save him – Fel also has a contract with the Wheel of Fortune, which she used before to save Sumire (when Sumire had to save Mondo before). Of course Fel wants to do this again, but she doesn’t exactly know how, and Sumire is not in favor of the idea, and is mad at Jolly for even telling Fel about it. Will Fel save Mondo? Will she lose her memories?

A lot of talking and information going on in this episode. And while I guess it’s a slight improvement for Jolly, he’s still my least favorite character on the show. Dante seemed like a grumpy old man. Some growth for Fel this episode, as she uses her Heart Arcana by her own will for the first time, but it still feels like she’s just along for the ride on this show. Maybe she’ll change her fortune while changing Mondo’s next episode.

Temperature: No action to heat anything up this week.

Well, they said that this was partly based on Miu’s wishes…

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – Episode 8

The Tournament Begins! Well, the year end ranking matches begin. And our Big Damn Hero is the Big Damn Target this time.  Everyone’s after Akatsuki and his team of ladies. But Akatsuki is just viewing this as the warmups for when Student Council President Hikami gets away from his conference and joins the fight. Even the rest of the Student Council isn’t much of a match for him, he figures. With everyone attacking them, Team Ousawa / Doumoto / Izumi isn’t giving anything away, and proceeds to demolish the rest of the teams. Itching to put Akatsuki in his place, or maybe just become his wife, Vice-Prez Haruka rushes to get into the fight, and immediately goes for Akatsuki, with Uesaki and Aihara in tow. They get into a 3v1 fight, and think they’re winning, but really, nobody’s gonna challenge Akatsuki. But then Motoharu points out that Akatsuki’s bleeding. And nobody should be bleeding with the damage prevention field in place. Could the other rogue hero be in the area? And can Akatsuki save Miu from him?

This show’s growing on me. They seem to have crystallized Akatsuki at a level where his harassment antics are good natured and not malicious, although they’re still a little much. And sometimes it’s nice to have a completely overpowered hero. Remember, this is the guy who beat the Demon Lord singlehandedly. Does anyone have a chance, even President Hikami? Or maybe Phil Barnett really does have a chance against him.

Temperature: Toasty warm, like in the homemade hotspring they were proposing.

Too bad Inuchiyo was on the other team.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 8

The Oda are now pacifying Kyoto, and want to install Imagawa Yoshimoto as the new Shogun (because she’s in their influence, and has the lineage), but Konoe is resisting by making ridiculous demands, like they must pay him 120,000 Kan. So Oda and Saru go to Sakai to get the money from the merchants there. This sets up a disagreement between Mitsuhide, who thinks they should hold the trade city ransom by force and fire,  and Nobuna, who holds Sakai up as the model for all of Japan. In an effort to get the money out of the merchants, they make a deal with Tsuda, who is also in league with Konoe but always looking out for his own interests, to provide him with a new recipe to combat Imai’s takoyaki monopoly. This turns into a takoyaki cooking challenge between Mitsuhide and Saru, with Mitsuhide wanting to prove that she’s better as an advisor to Nobuna. After a fairly silly cooking fight, where Saru messes everything up, but then saves it by introducing deep fried takoyaki with mayonnaise, and Mitsuhide puts miso sauce on it, disregarding whether it goes with it, the winner is selected by the 36 merchants. Even though Saru’s is clearly better, Mitsuhide wins (thanks to some judicious bribing by Tsuda), and goes a little overboard with the victory claims, leading to a public shunning by Nobuna, Inuchiyo, Goemon, and Saru.

Was that the right choice by Nobuna? The preview looks like Mitsuhide is getting a little too chummy with the bad guys. Will she switch sides, after proclaiming that Nobuna is the only person alive who can understand her?

Temperature: The flames are out in Kyoto, but this series is still hot.

3 thoughts on “The Week That Was #6

  1. Is it just me, or were the transitions in this week’s Hagure especially jarring? It felt like the cut to the decimation of the tower was just thrown in randomly, despite being closely connected to the plot.

  2. There was a cut in there that seemed really out of place to me, like guys all collapsed over desks or something, and I couldn’t quite place what that was supposed to be. At the end of the day, we have to realize what Hagure Yuusha is – an ecchi fantasy show – and while it’s getting better storywise, it’s not the most coherent show.

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