Wrestling Friends: Kokoro Connect – Episode 8

Taichi is finding out that friendships are hard work. After a series of outbursts at the rest of companions he finds himself treading deep water. How could someone like him hurt the very people he meant to protect? Wasn’t he the hero? If life were a wrestling match then he’d definitely be the baby face. A crowd favorite that sold millions of tee shirts every year.

In the wrestling industry, Taichi’s sudden fall from the lofty heights of fandom is called a heel turn.  Heels are the villains of the ring, entering to a resounding chorus of boos. It’s hard for Taichi to not feel this way. He chewed out his closest friend, hit the girl he loves and told one of his club mates that they were basically useless. What’s there not to like?

Maybe thats the problem. For Taichi, much less friendships, but life is a wrestling match for him. He see’s himself as the face, a protector of the meek and the rest that oppose his ideologies as the heels. If only life were black and white. Most of the time a person falls into one of the infinite shades of grey. There aren’t any clear champions or rogues. Everyone is different, engendered with a different set of hopes, beliefs and ideals.

It’s hard to agree with everything that your friend does. Differences are the bit that rub together to create friction in a relationship. This friction can cast the faintest of sparks that can ignite an argument, threatening to burn down the foundation of a great friendship. They say that cool heads prevail, and this is true for an immolated bond. Both parties just have to have the sense to try and put it out. In dire straights… call 911.

In all seriousness, friends laugh together, cry together, share secrets together. They also fight one another. But as Taichi learns, arguments shouldn’t destroy relationships. If you tap out, then its over. As a companion, you have to learn to communicate and compromise to move forward.  Sure arguments hurt, but it’s because you care. By working them out, a stronger foundation is built. A bridge is weaved between the differences so you can meet them at the middle. Taichi is just beginning to understand this.

Luckily for Taichi there is a wrestling analogy for such a turnabout. After a few months, the heel learns the error of his ways. A few unlikely friends make their way out of the woodwork to guide the forsaken hero back into the lime light. He is thrown into the sea of fans and he floats yet again on the their hopes, dreams and raised hands.

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