Hype Machine: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – Episode 9

All Hail the Queen! This weeks self-contained outing was a blast to watch and probably the most intimate interaction we’ve seen between the fairies and Ms.Sweets. How great would a nation run by her be though in all her pink haired majesty! Let’s see what the Twitterverse thought!

@ToastCrust: That said #jintai was easily the most fun all night long.

I feel as if that is a bit dirty… Or maybe I am over thinking things yet again.

@ZephyrRz: “Oh, Religions are invented? I’ve learned something new.” #jintai

I wonder if a bunch of anime fans got stuck on an island and began to invent religion… Would they pray to Haruhi? That would be quite a fun religion indeed. 

@Lymiour: Indians dance in my mind every time I listen to the op song of #jintai

I feel slightly awkward after reading that statement considering that I am indeed Indian… Odd fetishes all around the interwebs.

@Akirascuro: Let’s talk about Watashi from #jintai. My kind of girl.

I guess we have something in common. I can’t wait for the first Watashi cosplay! But I like calling her Ms.Sweets myself.

@Systems_: Im going to be rp’ing as a fairy from #jintai now.

For those of you that don’t know, RP’ing is role playing. Usually of the tabletop or text variety. I feel like Roleplaying a fairy would be incredibly fun. You could roll your dice for no apparent reason to do randomly anything like build a monument. Sure if a goblin came along it would eat you but it would be fun while it lasted right?

@woxxy: Humans said they wanted lolis, but someone was too much of a sicko and so the fairies were created #jintai

That would brings very horrid images into my mind… Can we move onto the next subject…

This week’s Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was probably as random as the first episode. The incredible part of it was how it wove in social commentary with some great character building for both the fairies and Ms.Sweets. On the surface there is a fun episode that pokes fun at how humanity seems to repeat the mistakes of its past because of its own vanity. The fairies aren’t above this tragic fall as well. For the first time the two races have been brought to a level playing field. But let’s not look at the satire for a moment and see what it does say about the characters.

Watashi has an underlying narcism. It leads her to become queen of a nation of fairies rather than trying to return home. If the kingdom wasn’t driven to its destruction by her poor decisions she would have stayed there forever if she could. She finally had complete and utter control.

I know I’ll catch some flak for painting her in such dark colors but the signs were always there. She has always had a penchant for manipulating information to get people doing the things she wanted done. But its understandable. Humanity is in decline and everyone is losing control of the world around them. As time continues the fate of the human race is in question. Can they thwart their impending doom?

As this episode would forecast, they can’t. Anything that has flourished will eventually be destroyed. The most important question: Who will make the sweets for the fairies?

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