Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 8 (Warning: Risque Pictures)

Quele makes her pass at Ryousuke

Good is that we’re back with another episode of Boku H! A new schedule due to “Production Delays” means that Boku H airs on Tuesdays now, not Fridays, but that means that the weekend is a little less crowded now.

This week split the story into two segments, with Lisara and Iria attacking the tower and Quele and Ryousuke still at House Restall. We know that Iria is going to betray Lisara, and we get the ironic conversation where Lisara credits Iria as the motivation for her success in Reaper school as they go to meet the Restall Army for backup. Meanwhile, Mina, in a nice bit of heroism, is trying to affect her own escape, climbing out on the tower ledge, rather than waiting for Ryousuke to come to her and get caught. Unfortunately, she gets knocked off the tower as the Restall forces attack, and declares her love for Ryousuke as she falls to what she thinks will be her death. But this creates a huge pulse of energy lighting the tower up like a beacon, and saves her in a protective bubble. I’d thought Ryousuke was the source of the strong energy, but perhaps it was Mina during her confession to Ryousuke?

The other story picks up where we left off with Quele hopping in bed with Ryousuke. There was a nice hesitance to this scene. Quele loves Ryousuke, and wants him to be her first (I think everyone knows it would be a first for him, too), but she is also not totally sure. Is she doing this because she wants him, or she feels guilty about being left behind when Lisara went with Iria to get Mina, or she thinks she has to to give herself up to get Ryousuke back into fighting shape? There’s a feeling that it’s all of these things, and while she seems committed, it’s evident that she’s conflicted. But she forges ahead anyway, even going for the Marshmallow Hell. Unfortunately, Ryousuke’s still mentally not in the game, and when everything stays soft has to pull out the “It’s not you, it’s me.” But then the subject changes to Lisara, and how she’s gone after Mina, and that energizes Ryousuke, who realizes that he has a special bond with Lisara, and now he’s going to go save her.

So now they need to get to the tower, but that means getting past Armea and her maids. ¬†While the maids deal with Quele (maybe trying to get revenge for being knocked out when she snuck in to see Ryousuke), Armea explains to Ryousuke that he can’t go to the tower, because that would be giving Gram to Galderbroug. And she pulls the Marshmallow Hell on him as well, with much the same result as Quele had. But something interesting is going on. While touching Ryousuke, we see those vapors coming out of Armea’s mouth, the same as they were during the healing scene last episode. I wonder if she was hedging a little against her own argument not working, and working on getting him in better shape for his inevitable fight?Just like with Quele the sexy hugs don’t work, but again, as soon as Ryousuke starts thinking of Lisara, he is able to summon Gram. And after Quele gets back from dispatching the maids (again), they head off to the tower.

And at the tower, after Iria betrays Lisara and leaves her at the mercy of the monsters, she thinks back on their conversation in the woods, and how she was compelled to betray her by Merlot, and decides that personal integrity is more important than corporate loyalty, so she frees Lisara, and covers her back.

A couple things I thought were bad this week. First, the obvious trap for Lisara was predictable, but the worst part was that the whipping scene went on quite a bit longer than was really necessary. There wasn’t blood, which was good, but whipping a semi-naked woman hanging by her arms was something I felt was a bit too overly symbolic of things I don’t really want to see. And that it went on so long was just overly gratuitous.

The ugly this week was the weird monsters and masks that the House Restall army uses to attack the Tower and the monsters that repel their attack. But ugly as they were, I actually liked the multiple designs, and even though they were weird and otherworldly, well, we’re in another world.

Overall this week, the story progressed well with the incursion into the tower, the betrayal and the renewal of Ryousuke. In his encounters with both Armea and Quele, we learn that Lisara is the sole focus for Ryousuke, and while he might love and ‘treasure’ Mina and Quele and all the girls in his harem, this is really a OTP show.

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