Thought Train: Eureka Seven AO – Episode 18

This is about as good as the episode gets.

So what did I just watch?

This is unfortunately one of those episodes of E7AO that I find less than satisfactory. I suppose we should start with the good stuff. We finally get a “concrete” answer with respect to Elena and Miller. Well, not really. It’s confirmed that Elena did kill Miller and take her place, but the exact connection between them is still left open to debate. Presumably, this also confirms that Miller was a spy and Elena was acting on orders to feed the Alliance false information. But was this really relevant? It’s pretty clear that the Alliance doesn’t really get along with Generation Bleu, and by the end of this episode, things had practically escalated to an all-out war.

Of greater interest is the curious behavior Elena displayed yet again. Was there really any importance behind her vision of the dolphin? I had been inclined to believe that she is also a being of another world like Eureka and Truth, but her vision neither confirms nor disproves this theory. Was it merely a product of her imagination? Or is she just bat-shit insane? One would certainly get that impression from her sudden outburst at Fleur, but I really don’t think that’s the case. So in the end, things are still pretty shady regarding Elena. All we know is that she is in fact distinct from Miller and she has some connection to Eureka.

And that was just the good stuff. I really got the impression that the writers just decided to throw random stuff together this episode. Now I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know if this is really the case with the source material, but I have a slight inkling that they might have actually mashed several different chapters together. You know what happens when you take random ingredients and throw them in a blender? That’s right, a mess. The same applies for plot progression. Remember when we last heard about Fleur’s scar? Wait, was it even ever mentioned explicitly? We know she and her mother were involved in an accident which estranged her from her father, but that’s about it.

Obviously surgery had to be conducted for the inferred organ transplants, which would leave a scar. But wasn’t her relationship with her father already dealt with quite a while ago? And then we have her “argument” with Elena. What was it that they were even trying to say? Friends should get to know each other better? Ao really wants to come back? I couldn’t tell you. To be honest, throughout the whole arguing/fighting sequence I had no idea what they were going on about. And of course, the “third engines” magically start functioning thanks to their strong emotions and they fly off to “save” Ao. Huh? This whole progression was completely broken and made little sense.

So what can we take from this whole mess? That’s a great question. I get the feeling we’re supposed to be convinced that Christophe is actually a good guy from his little monologue at the end, but so far his character has been unfathomable. And what was the deal with Gazelle? Oh, I know. It’s all a conspiracy. Yeah, that’ll go over well. Bottom line is, when an episode leaves the viewer scratching his head so hard that it starts bleeding, you’re doing something wrong. Not only was this episode confusing, it was also a train-wreck in terms of development.

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