Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 8

Campione! Presents Liliana!

Liliana is such a great character! Yes there are now two girls that I appreciate in this show. She has that tsundere swagger that I enjoy so much. It’s fun to watch her warrior training come at odds with her girly fantasies. While it’s a trope that’s been done to death, even this season, it’s done well here. She’s a dynamic character that pushes the story forward while adding a layer of comedy to the series that is actually funny. She isn’t Erica by a long shot but her charm is undeniable.

Liliana and Godou are trying to figure out exactly how Perseus was able to seal Godou’s Authorities. The explanation by Athena near the end of the episode didn’t really provide an answer but apparently our heroes have enough to take a stab at round two with the Greek hero. Most of the sleuthing though is an excuse to build a relationship between the knight and the Campione. I don’t mind a little character development but it’s pretty ridiculous how Godou can charm any woman with his blasé personality. It would be nice to see him build an actual friendship with a female character but maybe that would be asking too much from this immature series.

The fanservice isn’t at the levels of the last episode, meaning it wasn’t utterly distracting. What’s here feels contrived and inappropriate though. I’m not saying I have anything against fanservice but I think there is a way to do it right. I’m not sure if I know the correct formula, but when I do see it I’ll let you all know.

Campione! is missing a great villain. The series has been diddling around after Athena’s first coming. Campiones are supposed protectors of humanity and have been chosen to battle rogue gods. The Gogoneion really felt like a threat to the well being of the human race and was an effective villain.

Duke Voban had evil down pat. Everything about him oozed ‘vile’. But as I stated in my earlier Weekly Updates, he never actually did anything that terrible on screen. He just had a great public relations crew that knew to cue the lightning and thunder whenever he ended a sentence.

Perseus and Salvatore seem to be aimless as well. They have their rivalries with Godou, but I don’t care enough about the lead character to give the tension any weight. At times I find myself rooting for them because it would be more interesting than Godou making out with the closest girl and then blowing them out with his best impression of Unlimited Blade Works.

My final complaint: we only saw Erica twice this week. How can you not have her be heavily featured in every episode when she’s the best part of the series!

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