Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 20

Sometimes the greatest minds can’t solve the simplest problems.

This episode was fairly entertaining, but not in the same way as most other Hyouka episodes. So far pretty much all of Hyouka has consisted of Houtarou tackling some random mystery and coming to a conclusion. At face value, the events of this episode appear to be the same, but there is a very important fundamental difference here. Despite his massive intellect, Houtarou failed to come to the simple conclusion; just call for help and be done with it. Who cares if people might somehow get it into their heads that he and Eru were getting naughty in the shed. That can be explained away just as easily; it’s fucking cold. Houtarou was shivering so much that I seriously doubt he would be able to put it in properly, let alone get it up. And honestly, is some petty “reputation” really worth risking your physical health for? I wouldn’t think so, but then again there could be some cultural differences at play.

The best part of it was, the alternative “solutions” that Houtarou came up with to getting them out of their predicament kept getting progressively sillier. If you can’t call for help, just bust down the shed? Because obviously property damage is better than “tarnishing” Eru’s reputation. And if that won’t fly, throw your personal belongings through a crack in hopes that Mayaka will realize their situation? I think at that point he was just trying to convince himself that someone would miraculously infer what was going on from such vague “clues”. Oh wait, someone did. Go figure. Oh, and did I mention that in the process of leaving clues for Mayaka and Satoshi, Houtarou came even closer to “compromising” Eru than if they had merely been found together? I was practically face-palm-ing through the entire episode, but in a good way. The ridiculous lengths they had to go through were just plain hilarious.

Oh, Houtarou. You let me down. What happened to your problem solving skills? Let me propose this much simpler solution. Eru yells for help (the shed is right next to a path so she doesn’t have to strain her voice much) and someone comes to her rescue. While this is going on, you hide on the other side of that shelf so as not to be seen with her. If need be, Eru can even make sure the rescuer’s attention is focused on her so that you can go unnoticed. Once the coast is clear, Eru (or even Mayaka or Satoshi) can come back to let you out. Now wouldn’t that have been much quicker and easier? Or, of course, you could just get a cellphone like any other normal person.

As usual, Eru only makes the situation worse. Way to go, Ms. Chastity. We all know you’re kininarimasu about what’s in Houtarou’s pants anyway.

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