Tari Tari Weekly Update – Episode 10

Doesn’t everyone want to be a hero?

This episode let the silliness go, and was rewarded for it. Our Heroes started their part time jobs at the market, with the added fun of fighting some bad guys – the other shopkeepers dressed up in black leotards. And we really get to see Wien’s passion, fearlessly starting the show when the rest of the choir is too self-conscious to be seen in public in hero suits. But fun is infectious and so much of the fun of being a performer is doing something that you know is actually embarrassing and ridiculous, and pulling it off. And when you do, it transforms from being embarrassing and ridiculous to fun for the performers and the audience. And we see how good the reaction is, as the choir’s performances go from getting a ‘huh?’ reaction to having kids make hero poses and finally to drawing a full crowd and applause. It was also fun to see Sawa and Shiho’s ‘epic’ mother-daughter face off.

But alas, some people just can’t let anyone else have fun, and of course the killjoys from the vocal group rat the choir out to the Vice-Principal, who wants them to stop, but is refuted by the trio of Konatsu, Sawa, and Wakana, with the additional backup of her previous approval. Wien is happy they supported his desires, and his dreams of becoming a real hero look like they’ll come to pass as a thief decides to steal Konatsu’s bag during one of their performances. Wien immediately chases after him, and as silly as the idea of a runner chasing after a bike is, the sequence is a lot of fun, and we get to see deeper into Wien’s motivations, as he wants to always do the right thing, and is glad to have the support of the other people in the choir. I think this hero arc did a lot to show that the choir folks aren’t just coincidental fellow travelers, but that they’ve accepted a guy like Wien into friendship, even if he’s a bit odd, and that they’ve come to accept the way the other people in the group are.

The other story in this week’s episode dealt with Naoko (the Vice-Principal) dealing with the still-unknown-to-us nefarious plan for the school. In thinking about all the success that had been built at the school, she thinks back to the start, when Mahiru started the original choir, and wrote songs with Naoko. Through flashbacks, we see the difference in temperament between the two, Mahiru freely exploring melodies while Nao just listens, trying to take it seriously. And when Wakana asks Naoko about how to write songs, rather than try to impart her own ideas Naoko relates Mahiru’s methods: enjoy it, have fun, don’t make it work.

Loosening up a little can feel much better.

Why is Naoko so intent on pushing away or denying any connection to the past, to Mahiru, or even to Wakana? She makes a big deal about how she never showed any favoritism to Wakana, nor treated her any differently? And even in the flashbacks we see of her visit to Mahiru in the hospital, she repeatedly corrected the name of the choir to the vocal group, and was obviously uncomfortable talking about music, about writing a song together. We have heard before that Naoko felt somewhat abandoned by Mahiru, when she unthinkingly snapped “Why did she go off and do her own thing, then?” Are there plans that Naoko felt had been made that were then broken? Or is it more that she felt lost when this uplifting spirit flew away from her, and she couldn’t keep up? Perhaps she feels the divide between having natural talent and succeeding through hard work is at play here, similar to the friction we’ve seen between Konatsu and Naoko.

Seriously, what are they trying to survey?

None of the Principal’s hair this week, but we do see some surveyors moving in, and that puts a very different face on the secret plan. Is the school building to be demolished? It would seem odd that just an expansion would be so threatening.

4 thoughts on “Tari Tari Weekly Update – Episode 10

  1. “Perhaps she feels the divide between having natural talent and succeeding through hard work is at play here, similar to the friction we’ve seen between Konatsu and Naoko.”

    Well, Konatsu doesn’t really have much natural talent. Naoko herself said so at the beginning of the series, and despite how much of a bitch she can be, she wouldn’t lie about that.

    But Konatsu managed to bring Wakana to her club somehow, and Wakana does have talent. This was foreshadowed since the very beginning of the series too. For example I remember the Principal only accepted Konatsu’s club when he saw Wakana was appointed as a member.

    I think that whatever happened between Mahiru and Naoko is deeper than just her being jealous of Mahiru’s talent. I still can’t put my finger on what exactly is her problem, but the fact that she told Wakana Mahiru’s methods suggests she doesn’t recent her approach to music and her talent. There’s something else going on here I think.

    • Hmm, I’ll have to go back and take a look, but the show certainly doesn’t portray Konatsu as having a lack of talent, just mostly a lack of work ethic. I recall interpreting Naoko’s complaints about Konatsu being more that she is a dilettante, just having fun with music, and not working at it, and because of her lack of preparation and proper attitude she ‘ruined’ the previous year’s performance. Obviously Konatsu had enough talent in the first year to be part of the Vocal group. I can certainly believe a construction like “You aren’t good enough to have that lackadaisical attitude” which doesn’t refute the talent she has, just that it’s not overwhelming enough to make up for lack of preparation.

      I think the tipping point for the Principal approving the group with Wakana was more that he hoped to reintegrate her into social activities, which she hadn’t done since Mahiru’s death. Prior to that, it was a question of “this is a redundant group, why do we need another vocal group when we have the one run by Naoko?”

      I agree with you that Naoko isn’t primarily jealous of Mahiru’s talent (although it’s hard to believe that there wasn’t a little bit of jealousy there). I think there was some plan or promise that Naoko thinks was made that wasn’t followed through on, hopefully we’ll see more of that.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Naoko tells Konatsu that she might love music, but in her opinion she doesn’t have what it takes to make music loves her back. This to me doesn’t sound like a matter of work ethics. Rather, it clearly implies that Naoko does think Konatsu lacks talent.

        Furthermore, I think the point of having Wakana and Konatsu in the same club is for us to see them combine their strengths. Konatsu has the personality, an energy similar to that of Mahiru, and Wakana has the raw talent.

        Also note that Wakana is voiced by Sphere member Ayahi Takagaki, meaning she’s the only one of the main cast voiced by a real singer, while all the others are regular seiyuu. This isn’t coincidence. She’s clearly portrayed as the talent of the group and front girl.

      • Well, I gotta say that even if Saori Hayami and Asami Seto aren’t in other singing groups, they’re still tremendous voices. I personally think Saori Hayami might have the best singing voice in the world, and if it’s not best, it’s certainly world class.

        I tend to think that Wakana is the forefront character because she’s got the most story to tell. As their teacher said in the first episode (the one that was leaving for maternity leave), Konatsu is more of a catalyst. But I really think that Naoko’s problems with Konatsu really start and end with Konatsu’s attitude towards music. We’ve seen that same basic theme throughout the show: The people who are ‘serious’ about music having trouble with the people who just ‘enjoy’ music. They think that people who ‘just’ enjoy music are somehow harming them. However, I think a major point of this show (and one I wholeheartedly agree with) is that music is there to be enjoyed. And I think we’re even seeing Naoko, through her reflection and through seeing the effect that the show’s group is having on the members, may even be softening.

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