Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 9

Sword Art Online kicks it into full gear with a boss battle. Gleam Eyes is an intimidating opponent with his large broad sword in tow. Can our heroes, Kirito and Asuna make it out alive with such a fearsome foe? Will Kirito make a move on the chesnut-haired beauty? Will Klein be any useful to the plot? All these questions are answered and more after we check in with the Twitterverse!

@RukaSariSari: If #gw2 was #sao, I would have been dead a long time ago.

I am sorry to hear. Just stay away from any virtual machines in the future and you should be fine I hope. You can’t risk dying.

@Samufugu: Episode 09 is definitely the best, so far. #SAO

I would have to agree… Episode 9 was the best episode but is that really saying much. Every episode was AWESOME if it had ASUNA! Okay maybe that’s my inner Asuna fanboy talking…


I shake my head at Sword Art Online’s inner chauvanism… In this day and age how could you go about doing that. Maybe its the male demographic this series is targeted at. You thought these Twitter replies were just funny! Here at SushiGoKart we try to educate as well… I think.

@XOMatsumaeOhana: “Kirito maybe a poor talker, but he’s a good fighter and a good guy. So please take care off him” #SAO

Fuck you Klein… You say the most useless shit ever. You’re not even good enough to be a plot device like Lizbeth.

@27CansOfTuna: WeakSuna is awful! #sao

Another strong response from the Twitter world. There needs to be a feminist movement in Aincrad.

@hirunoshi: If you hug me that strong my HP bar will reach zero #SAO

If you hug ME that hard my HP bar will go up… If you know what I mean.

@TsunNemesis: The past 7 episodes? All sidestories. NOW WE GET INTO THE MEAT. At least until LN 1 ends. #SAO

Kirito definitely got into Asuna’s meat… I mean meat sandwich.

@chef17: It’s crazy how much I can relate to in #SAO Lots of memories of past MMORPGs that I’ve been in.

So you risked your life playing a videogame? That is really awesome. Show me which one!

@DNGRRUS: I still don’t understand how they eat/use the restroom IRLch. #SAO

These are the important questions when dissecting this show I believe…

Things in Aincrad have finally gone full throttle. The relationship that has been teased in the opening between Asuna and Kirito is finally bearing some fruit. It’s disappointing that shows characters are degenerating into typical gender stereotypes considering how powerful of a character Asuna can be at times. First we had her cooking, now we have her crying over her man. Please I thought she was above the status quo.

At times I feel like things are moving a bit too quickly as the information from the first light novel are missing. There’s a lot of development of Reinheart that has been glossed over. I am hoping the series finds a way to bring these details to light as they do add a lot of depth to his character.

On a brighter note, the restructuring of the plot to include the side stories is paying off dividends. It seems as if those events are being pulled into the main storyline and are great touches to the original plot in the light novels. I am glad those moments haven’t been discarded and their respective characters haven’t been forgotten.

The action was terrific this week and is the best the series has to offer yet. There was a lot of tension built from the slick choreography that future matches will have a tough time repeating. But I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see Asuna fight more, her moves are just breath-taking.

So far so good #SAO. Until next week!

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