The Week That Was #7

The ladies of the week

Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 9

Nobuna – Loli Force doesn’t have the same ring. We need to get Monkey back!

Now that Nobuna and company have pacified Kyoto and installed Imagawa as the figurehead Shogun (she even calls herself that), they’re faced with the news that behind them, the Takeda and Uesugi factions have joined forces and are now threatening Owari. Things are starting to seemingly go against what Saru knows about history, and he’s wondering if he’s changed it too much. But he continues to advise based on what he thinks is best for Nobuna’s goal of uniting Japan. Unfortunately this leads him to cross words with Nobuna, who sends the bulk of her troops back to defend her home states with Katsuie. Saru thinks she needs to stand firm at Kyoto and move forward, and she feels this is betraying her home and family, so she sends him to the dungeons at Gifu, as threatened for the loser of the cooking challenge.

But he never makes it, kidnapped by a rogue fighter whose goal is to kill Nobuna. Realizing that Saru is missing, Nobuna goes after him with Goemon and Inuchiyo, leaving Juubei Matsuhide – and her shaken psyche – in charge of the defense of Kyoto. After her ignominious victory over Saru, she now feels that Nobuna hates her, and feels she’s being left out of anything important by being left at Kyoto. But as it turns out, the alliance is a fake, to draw off Nobuna’s forces, while Django Matsunaga attacks the now underdefended Kyoto, and personally attacks Juubei. But even as she falters in her faith in Nobuna, she is rescued and redeemed by the return of Nobuna (who was saved from the assassin’s bullet by Saru’s cell phone trick) and the others, and the support of the other misfit factions for Nobuna even convinces Django to join Nobuna.

I can’t really compare this version of history to the real one, but it does seem like Saru’s knowledge is now pretty much useless, and will need to rely more on his instincts as he goes forward. I’m just enjoying the show as it’s presented, with fun action and interplay between the characters.

Temperature: Even after Hanbei-chan put out the fires of Kiyomizu Temple, this show’s still pretty hot.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – Episode 9

Ewww, Phil Barnett! Get away!

We see how special Akatsuki is this week, in that while he’s able to pull off the sexual harassment with a good grin and all the girls just get blushy, Phil Barnett is just a creep. After chasing Miu, who is sacrificing herself to draw Phil Barnett (did you catch his name? I think he introduced himself 4 or 5 times) away from all the others, before turning and trying to fight him. Meanwhile, Akatsuki gives chase, stopping to order VicePrez Haruka and the rest of the Student Council to help get the people out of the now-unsafe fighting area. Creepy Phil also has run-ins with the class bully, who has decided to turn over a new leaf, and at least delay him as self-penance for sabotaging the damage suppression field, but Phil’s way more than a match for him, and leaves him for dead. Stalker Phil finally catches up to Miu, and even offers to let her live longer if she lets him rape her.  What a guy.  But Akatsuki finally catches up and sets up the fight for next time.

Is Phil Barnett going to be a match for Akatsuki? It seems like it, but I am kind of hoping that Akatsuki just destroys him without breaking a sweat. He is the guy who defeated the Demon Lord singlehandedly. And Phil’s warnings about more guys coming to kill Miu just don’t ring true for me. Is there really anyone else who is as strong as Phil or Akatsuki? Hopefully it’s a good fight, and we can get on with the ranking matches. I suppose the other possibility is that Akatsuki and Phil are so evenly matched that it’ll take the President to come save his bacon.

Temperature: Still warmed by a good turn of story.

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 10

Glazed eyes, blank expression, looks like someone watched Arcana Famiglia

Felicita has tried to save Mondo using her Wheel of Fortune ability, but has again lost her memories. To make it worse, it didn’t even save Mondo. So the Family embarks on an effort to restore Fel’s memories, with Nova and Liberta taking her to her childhood home, where Liberta finally learns that Nova was engaged to Fel. That doesn’t get her memories back, and as time is running out, Jolly uses his Arcana power to try to forcibly find her memories. But he’s stumbling in the darkness of her mind, until Mondo comes to support him. They find Fel, trapped in her own head, and smothered by metaphors, but make no progress freeing her as Mondo’s condition worsens. But they’re saved by the arrival of Nova and Liberta, whose presence is made possible by the depths of their emotions for Fel. They’re able to cut her free, and her memories return. But then the awful truth: after all that, Mondo is no better. Fel wasn’t able to unleash the power of the Wheel of Fortune, because she doesn’t have the emotional strength. But from within her, her Lovers arcana speaks up, and says that if she finds love, that will give her the strength to use the Wheel of Fortune successfully.

Personally, I can’t see how she’ll find love under that kind of pressure. Will it be actual love? Will she just pick Nova or Liberta? It’s really a two-horse race.

Temperature: Warmer with some romance on the horizon, but still tepid.

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