Accel World Weekly Update – Episode 22

This week offered a little bit of everything. At the start there was a bit of action between Silver Crow, Blood Leopard and Rust Jigsaw. It was surprising to see Blood Leopard actually transform into a cat like she was ripped straight from Beast Wars… There should be more transforming Burst Linkers because that would be awesome. There was also a nice serving of drama and a little fan service thrown in for good measure.

All these elements made for a pretty blase episode. Nothing really stood out from all the sequences. The fight scene didn’t get enough time to really develop. It ended up making Rust Jigsaw look very weak and the entire organization behind him seem not as ominous. I know there isn’t much time in the series left to let small fights like this run any longer considering Haru has bigger fish to fry but seeing him taken down so easily was a buzz kill.

The dramatic bits give me a feeling a deja vu. Seeing Haru cry has become a weekly¬†occurrence¬†that doesn’t move me as a viewer. It’s become a bit overused at this point. Taku goes back to being bland which isn’t surprising. I knew he wouldn’t be able to maintain displaying any sorts of personality for two weeks in a row. Chiyu,by far, had the strongest performance, but even then it feels a bit lack luster. After three weeks I’d love to know what her motivations are rather than be treated to a bra shot of her.

I’m going to save the ugly for a final review of the show in a few weeks but for now I’ll say this. I am getting more and more emotionally divested from the series as the weeks progress. Hopefully I’ll have something left in the tank when I’m writing my last thoughts on the show.

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