Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 9

The attack on the tower continues as Ryousuke flies to the rescue.

This episode was a little limited in scope and location, but I felt like it did a lot of moving in terms of the overall story. Everyone ends up congregating in the gate room: Mina brought there unconscious by the guards after her fall from the top of the tower, Lisara arriving to try to save Mina from Galderbroug, and then Ryousuke arriving just as it looks bad for Lisara, who was unable to withstand the onslaught from Galderbroug. Ryousuke starts off a little too cocky, and gets beat down a little, but upon realizing the strength of his foe, and more importantly realizing his love for Lisara, he gathers his strength and his power, and proceeds to knock Galderbroug around, finally vanquishing him. But even though that’s the end of the threat from Galderbroug to Grimwald, it’s merely the beginning of the troubles for our heroes. Ryousuke has now broken down the barrier between Grimwald and Earth, and allowed the reapers to wreak havoc upon the humans, or, as Galderbroug puts it, return balance between Grimwald and the human world.

I really liked the change in the way the show handled Ryousuke’s powering up this time. None of that silly ‘mental dictionary’ boredom. This time we were treated, flashback-style, to an alternate history where Ryousuke and Lisara are both ordinary high school students and follow a more normal (at least for anime) path of their developing relationship – he sees her at the train station, they run into each other in the hallway, they go on dates, she invites him back to her house. And through this, Ryousuke realizes that “the” girl he loves is Lisara. But he announces this in front of everyone, including Mina. How will that affect her future, and her strength of soul that’s the one everyone’s been searching for, when her strength has been based on her love for Ryousuke?

Could this be the end of humanity?

It looks like the human world is in for a bad time, with the forces of House Galderbroug now running wild and wreaking havoc. How will Lisara, Quele, Ryousuke, and Mina be able to fight? Will Mina, and thus Quele’s source of energy, be permanently disabled because of Ryousuke’s declaration about Lisara?

While I really hesitate to call it ‘ugly’, I found myself hoping that Lisara would spend some energy on regenerating her clothes at some point during the fight. She spent the entire fight topless and nearly naked, and while she’s very attractive, it just kind of gets old and exploitative.

Here’s a full length picture of a clothed Lisara for you, tho.

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