A Letter To Iori: Kokoro Connect – Episode 10

Dear Iori,
Do you remember when we were younger? We went on that field trip together to those hills. It was a mountain of firsts for me. I cried in front of everyone for the first time. I confessed my feelings for the first time. I kissed a boy on my own for the first time.
We were supposed to fight over Taichi. It would be a battle to the death for his heart. In my mind I weaved an epic tale where you were the chaste shrine maiden looking over him and I was the wicked witch hellbent on taking him for myself. But in the end it was just a stage for us right? The costumes came off at night while our phones came alight with calls from one another. We told each other everything.
I always asked you who you thought was winning. We never had a clue. Sometimes I think Taichi loved both of us too much to choose too quickly. He was a gentleman and that’s why we picked him. Was there ever really a choice considering Aoki was second best?
I still remember when entrance exams came around. You pushed everyone to make the best newsletter we could. It would be our swan song. Maybe everybody would remember the little club we couldn’t forget. Or maybe it was just to distract us from the fact that we all might have to part soon.
Are you happy? It’s not a question you can ask over the phone really. Deep questions like that deserve ink and paper. The answers deserves it too.
To answer what’s on your mind as you read this, I am happy. I’m not that good at explaining why I feel a certain way usually. It’s easier to analyze those that depend on you. It’s not possible for me to be objective about my emotions. But I can tell you that when I wake up I feel happy.
Part of the reason is that you’re not part of my life anymore.
Just kidding. You’re probably pouting just like you did in high school. Whenever you did I felt like kissing your cheek. Pull your head out the gutter. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just one of those thoughts that flicker through your mind. The type you hardly notice.
That sounds like a contradiction. Heartseed taught us that life was full of them. Even Taichi was one.
I don’t know why I am writing to you of all things. It seems a bit archaic. But it has its own charm no? You don’t get to lick a stamp everyday. I think some kids never get a chance to do such a thing.
Remember that field trip together to those hills? It was a mountain of firsts for me. I realized that I had a best friend that I trusted wholly and honestly for the first time.

Inaba folded the letter and placed it in an envelope. She took care to find a place for it in between the countless books on the shelf. Sending something out like that would be such a pain.

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