Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 10

Liliana and Godou sitting in a tree…

None of the women Godou has rendezvoused with has had any sort of chemistry with him until Liliana. Her unique personality brings out a certain charisma that the male lead hasn’t displayed since the start of the show. Erica smothers him while Yuri pulls him down. The two don’t match well with the hero. Liliana on the other hand makes fireworks go off between the two. She hits all the right notes with him, asserting herself while giving him some time to shine. This is exemplified in their kiss scene together. Until now it seemed like a one sided affair, with the women pulling all the strings. Liliana is the first to challenge him to take the reigns in what leads to be the most passionate sequence in Campione! yet.

The action was better than recent outings by far. There was still some of the trivial discussion that leads to Godou’s take on Unlimited Blade Works, but I am glad that a lot of it was avoided. The series learns we don’t need the Encyclopedia Britannica on Roman mythology during a fight sequence, a Spark Notes will usually do. Both contestants received adequate time to showcase their abilities in a back and forth sequence that ultimately lead to Godou’s victory. Liliana was involved for good measure amounting to one of the more spectacular fights since the first episode.

I am honestly failing to see how the plot is actually coming together. There seem to be many disparate plot threads at work that don’t seem to intuitively point in any direction. First there is Duke Voban running about causing God knows what havoc. Next, Salvatore is trying to train Godou from the shadows to make him stronger for one reason or another. It’s never made quite clear. Also Athena has it out for our lead Campione for disgracing her in combat. I don’t know how these stories overlap or if they will lead to any meaningful conclusion. Considering there is only about three episodes left I am hoping the show can pick these things up.

Any development the series has made between Liliana and Godou is ultimately for naught. Erica is the star of the show so at the end of the day she will get her man. Her lack of chemistry with him is not her fault but just the way the cookie crumbles. Their personalities don’t mesh. The two do serve as great foils for one another but that fact alone doesn’t make them great lovers. There is still another girl to be introduced but I don’t really care at this point. The series has something great in Liliana and I wish they would go all in on her. The lead female doesn’t have to have all the attention as Angel Beats proved.

3 thoughts on “Campione! Weekly Update – Episode 10

  1. Liliana has been pretty awesome these last few episodes. I was a bit surprised at how much chemistry there was. I still like the rest of the girls, and am still looking forward to Ena, but Liliana’s story has been the best part of the anime so far in my opinion.

  2. Yeah, I’ll agree that Liliana has been the best so far, but she’s still too tsundere to be believable. And “The Power Of Love” that saved Godou from Perseus possessing Liliana was just too corny. My hope is that maybe Liliana has a bit of a stabilizing effect on Erica, who turns down the pushy know-it-all knob. Making those two share the stage in the show might be able to do that. But we do still have another girl to add. And it’s not like Godou’s going to end up with any one of them, this is totally going to be an open-ended harem end for the show.

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