Thought Train: Eureka Seven AO – Episode 19

I’m tempted to say that things are looking up, but E7AO is such a roller-coaster.

And immediately following my rant on last episode, things improve. Not that this is a bad thing. At this point, I’ll take as many “good” episodes as I can get. But of course, you should keep in mind that all of this is just my own opinion. In any case, a lot of identities are “revealed” this time around. We first learn that Truth is a Secret. Oh wait, we could have all probably guessed this. I mean, the guy only flies, out-powers mechas, hacks satellites, and shape-shifts. I never really liked his character because of his slightly Gary Stu nature, and at this point I can’t tell if we’re seriously expected to feel his “pain” at discovering his identity. Seriously, as he flew into space shedding sparkling tears, all I could think was “fuck this shit”. If you expect us to sympathize with a character, you should first make him likable or at least relatable. Truth satisfies none of the above.

On the flip side, Elena’s revelation was quite satisfying. Again, we saw hints about it from previous flashbacks, but the episodes that “focused” on her were sadly lacking in clarity. It’s just nice to finally hear something concrete about her mysterious background. Now, we still haven’t explicitly heard anything about the deal with Miller, but hopefully that will come in due time. What’s more important is the implication of Elena (presumably) being from the “original” Eureka’s world. Is she a descendant of one of the original Eureka Seven’s characters? I find it hard to believe that Eureka would just bring some random girl along on a trans-dimensional ride. But of course, the simple answer to that is that Eureka and Elena were merely acquainted after the events of Eureka Seven. I hope that’s not the case though. It’d be a nice tie-in to find out that Elena is related to the original crew.

I know, there’s a possibility that such a development would just alienate the audience “new” to the Eureka Seven franchise. At least, it wouldn’t really mean much to them if such a relationship were present. Regardless, I feel it would still be a nice touch. And it can be done in a manner that would be reasonably “acceptable” for newcomers too. Just take a look at Aquarion EVOL. I personally didn’t see the original Aquarion, but everything was pretty much explained in due time without leaving me too confused.

Moving on, the development between Christophe and Fleur really hit home for me. With the clarity of hindsight, I suppose the moments that focused on her scar from last episode were a foreshadowing of the events of this episode, but I still maintain that it was done particularly poorly. This episode, however, was pretty solid. Despite his sneaky tactics and seemingly questionable dealings, we learn that Christophe really is in fact a good guy. At least, he’s got enough heart to care for his daughter and the other pilots. I did feel that the writing off of his character was a little sudden, but at least he departed with a bang. The only unfortunate thing is that it may have been a futile action, if the preview is any indication. I sincerely hope that the Confluence Explosion didn’t actually empower Truth, but he’s looking kind of powered-up in the preview. That, or he’s just pissed off and glowing from his abdomen again. Any lower, and I swear it would his crotch glowing.

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