Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 10

So this week Sword Art Online got a little intense. Kirito and the leader of the Knights of Blood are facing off for Asuna. Damn she must be one important girl. But before we get into the details lets take a look at what the Twitterverse had to say!

@resoni: Sword Art Online BDs 1-3 currently occupy ranks 1-3 on Amazon…

Considering how many people complained about all those episodes being fillers the sales surely don’t reflect it. Paper tigers! Every single one of you anime fans!


That actually sounds kind of intimidating. How long do I have to study for this test?

@LeaderLeadz#SwordArtOnline could be the best Anime uno! not even joking lol

Wait the best anime ever? Even better than Cowboy Bebop? Holy hell Accel World must be jealous!

@GrievanceGrief: Smoking this zoot and then watching some more #SwordArtOnline#SAO

I never thought about enjoying anime ‘recreationally’. Maybe I should watch episodes of Campione ‘zooted’. It might actually turn out to be good.

@EpcotServo: In the Massively Multiplayer Online game, there are two separate but equal players: The guild players, & the solo players who help them#SAO

I am assuming this is a Law & Order reference? If so well played good sir. 

@TsunTaiga: Sword Art Online still has fans? Kekeke, not for long~

What is this ominous statement? What do you mean! It was supposed to be the best anime ever!

@jlist: If you’re a fan of Sword Art Online, we posted some nice items today including #SAO coffee cups with Asuna!

Wait you can get a coffee cup with Asuna on it? Sign me up please! 

There was a lot that happened this episode that doesn’t actually need much commentary. Each of the fights were sequenced to lead to the climax of Asuna and Kirito’s relationship. For once we see the black swordsman being saved instead of the other way around. He isn’t as invincible as he seems. It’s by setting up this moment of weakness that the two get a window into their relationship.

Some might say it was inevitable but considering their personalities it had to happen this way. Kirito is afraid to take the burden of responsibility he feels he is obligated to take. Considering he is one of the highest level characters on the server, he has a sense of duty to  protect those around them. He mitigates this feeling by distancing himself from others.

For once he can share that burden with an equal, a partner. Asuna, being as strong as she is, is the only person that is suitable for Kirito and vice versa. Behind all the flowery jargon they use to describe their feelings for one another, their needs become clear. Kirito and Asuna needed a purpose higher than themselves. Until now, they might have said they are trying to free all of Aincrad by clearing the game, but in the end they were doing it for themselves. Our characters grow by accepting this is a hollow way to lead life, even if its a virtual one.

The perfection of their union is somewhat clouded by Kirito’s previous rendezvous. Making him out to be a ladies man really hurt the purity their relationship is trying to symbolize. I don’t mean purity in the sense of lacking a sexual element. That is fine. The purity I am describing is that of a first love, where two people were destined to be together. They’re paths were meant to cross. It give their relationship much more weight.

Considering how cruel of a world Aincrad can be, this weight is a form of hope. Even amongst the cruelty there can be some light. Even though this world isn’t real, something substantial can be made from it. The quest to escape is not the only meaningful journey in Sword Art Online.

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