Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 21

I’m honestly surprised Mayaka hasn’t resorted to this yet.

Some mixed thoughts on this episode. I get the feeling that this was supposed to be a roller-coaster of emotions, but the whole situation was quite… silly, for a lack of better words. One thing I definitely noticed, though, was that the production quality this episode seemed to be above average in comparison to the others. Perhaps it’s the snow falling in the background or something. Also, the characters were far more animated (no pun intended) than they usually are. This was especially true for Chitanda, and she’s already quite hyper, so that says quite a bit.

Oh man, I can just imagine the kind of crap Satoshi is getting from everyone. And it’s well deserved, in all honesty. Sure, he may be going through an identity crisis and feel like changing himself, but that’s still no excuse for acting so coldly to someone else who loves him so much. I thought Japan was all about being respectful and courteous? Or perhaps it’s this atmosphere that allows such a terrible attitude to breed? If you were to pull what Satoshi did in America, I’m fairly certain your social reputation would be tarnished, if not ruined almost permanently. Girls can be vicious if you manage to set them off, after all.

And what about Satoshi’s “excuse”? It did sound like a good thing that he changed his attitude, but he really could have handled Mayaka in a much better manner. If he’s not ready for her, then just tell her. No need to turn her away or go to great lengths to avoid her. It’s especially irritating considering he confessed that he actually loves her as well. Just how does dedicating yourself to another person make you regress to a stuck-up, in-your-face prick? If anything, it would only take you farther from that. Being with someone else is all about being considerate to each other. There’s absolutely nothing selfish about it, nor is it a contest.

Luckily, it looks like Satoshi decided to stop being a git and respond to Mayaka’s feelings. I’ll be damned if his phone call was just to turn her down yet again. Although, that would still be much better than orchestrating a hoax to avoid the issue entirely. And I suppose he doesn’t necessarily have to return her feelings immediately. Even just telling her that he’s not ready would suffice as a legitimate answer. Heck, he might as well explain what he’s going through to help clear things up further. He already told Houtarou, and I would say Mayaka is in a position to know about this as a potential love interest.

Desperate Eru is out of control! Somebody sedate her before she beats the chocolate out of innocent bystanders!

One thought on “Hyouka Weekly Update – Episode 21

  1. Lol, I love how angry Oreki was at Satoshi for making Eru-chan cry. I’m glad that, in the end, he was going to answer her feelings. Satoshi, you’ve grown, huh. I kind of understand his feelings, despite the fact that he was a jerk.

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