Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Weekly Update – Episode 10 (Warning: Risque Pictures)

Endingu ga mie tazo!

Wow, I can’t believe I missed that. So we already know that Mei knows who the real imouto is, yet she made no acknowledgement of Yuzurina last episode. If the imouto has revealed herself, there’s really no need to keep the charade up anymore… unless she hasn’t. In any case, Who is Imouto is really much more enjoyable when it’s not repeatedly giving us fake imoutos. Take this latest development, for instance. Oh wait. That’s exactly what happened. Well, it’s not confirmed yet, but the “evidence” is highly suggestive. And somehow, this (presumably) last arc is actually quite engaging as opposed to aggravating.

As it turns out, Seri has been playing Shougo all along in the hopes of destroying his chances of becoming president of the group. That’s fine and dandy, except I find her logic a little questionable. As observed by Yuzurina, the revelation of Shougo’s secret sister would only damage the reputation of his father, and the guy is already dead. But of course, given that this little tidbit is coming from an obvious conspirator (I’ll be damned if she isn’t), we can’t really put much stock in it. Most likely Seri and Yuzurina have been working to figure out who the real, real imouto is in order to get Shougo tangled up with her.

With that note, if Yuzurina isn’t the real imouto, who is? I think it’s fairly obvious by now that it’s been Miyabi all along. She sure did a good job of weaseling out of the spotlight when Shougo suspected her. How can I be so sure? Again, it all comes back to Mei. We know that Mei is close enough to the imouto to cover up for her, so obviously she must care a great deal for the imouto. And who do we see Mei getting worried about all of this episode? That’s right, Miyabi. The two hadn’t even interacted much on screen before this, as far as I’m aware. You may argue that all this speculation hinges on the fact that Mei really does know the imouto, but I think that’s a fairly safe assumption to make. The show has to stop throwing us off and pulling tricks at some point, and with only two episodes left, this seems to be as good a time as any to do so.

And on that note, I’m almost fairly certain that Who is Imouto will settle for the “generic harem ending”. There are only two episodes left, and at least one of them must be dedicated to addressing Miyabi. Since I’m fairly certain that she is the real deal, Shougo definitely won’t end up with her. This show doesn’t seem like the type to play incest straight, especially not after faking us out so many times. Even assuming that we manage to wrap things up with Miyabi next episode, that only leaves us with one final episode to go. That’s just not enough time to develop a convincing relationship between Shougo and one of the other girls, and since I’m assuming he won’t go after his imouto (he did spend all this time trying to avoid that), that means he’ll end up with no-one. And in a harem anime, that pretty much means he’ll end up with everyone.

You know the drill. Have some side-dishes.

2 thoughts on “Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Weekly Update – Episode 10 (Warning: Risque Pictures)

  1. As how this series has ever been in general, what they have done good so far is proving everyone wrong regarding the sister’s identity. Though continue this a lot more longer in the same sequence eventually I guess people will give up on this show altogether, seeing how for the most fun part of it being the guessing game, but who would’ve liked staying if the show tells them they’re wrong all the time in the guessing game? ^^;;

    • I don’t know why I still try. I already got tired of the guessing game long ago. Also, this is going to be the second time Miyabi is put under the spotlight. Thankfully the anime is ending soon, but if they keep doing rotations, I’m seriously going to break something.

      With regards to the LN, it is possible that the anime will chose an original ending with Miyabi actually being the imouto. In fact, I seriously hope this is the case. Heck, it could be ANYONE, just give us a resolution. Or, most likely this is just wishful thinking.

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