The Week That Was #8

Monkey-Loli Force brings the bad news

Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 10

Nobuna is trying to get all the provinces in line with the new Imagawa Shogun, but Wakasa and Echizen haven’t responded. So Nobuna is planning on putting a little pressure on them, but Saru knows that bad things await in Echizen (and here’s where he’s way ahead of me, I don’t know what the historical event is). So Nobuna tells him that they’ll head for Wakasa, while Saru stays home to take care of Hanbei-chan, who overexerted herself fighting Danjo.

Meanwhile, everyone was right about Asai. Nobunaga gets a chance to bathe in secret as a boy, and finds Asai bathing in secret, as a girl! Asai explains that her father demanded she rule as a man, even as Nobunaga points out that many daimyos are women. So the trap and the reverse-trap have about a perfect marriage. And while I think it’s kind of ludicrous seeing Nobunaga be all ‘manly’ when he’s more of a loli, it was nice the way they accepted the truth about each other.

Alas, their happiness doesn’t last long, as Asai’s father takes the helm of the kingdom in order to get revenge on Nobuna for attacking Echizen (which she lied about to Saru). Getting support from other kingdoms, he lays a trap for Nobuna, while Saru finds out the truth and takes off after her to warn her. When everyone knows the truth, Nobuna starts leaving her generals and retainers behind in order to escape back to Kyoto, but hates herself for ‘sacrificing’ them. But just as she thinks she’s clear, we end with the cliffhanger of her being shot off her horse.

Will all of her retainers survive? Will Nobuna survive? Will Asai and Nobunaga regain their province and their marriage?

Temperature: Still a hot show even with the cliffhanger.

Somehow Akatsuki can be a gentleman at times

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – Episode  10

The big showdown (part 1) between Phil Barnett and Akatsuki begins, and it really looks like Akatsuki is quite a bit stronger than Phil Barnett (seriously, Phil? That’s a terrible bad guy name, and he’s really a douchebag. I can’t just call him “Phil”, so “Phil Barnett” it is), even though Phil Barnett has a couple good moves. Eventually Akatsuki gets pretty mad, especially about Phil Barnett’s terrible motivation for coming after them (basically, he’s jealous of other heroes) and his making Miu cry, so he beats him down pretty good.  But not after getting a scratch from Phil Barnett’s poison sword.

But Miu thinks she’s just a liability, so she runs from Akatsuki and tries to drown herself, only to be saved by Akatsuki. After he explains how awesome he is, and how he’s going to take care of her, and how even while he was killing her father, they were becoming best buds or something, the poison takes hold and he collapses. Now it’s Miu’s time to try to save him, using body heat to warm him up, and giving Akatsuki his weekly chance for sexual harassment. But they’re interrupted by Phil Barnett! Now we get more beatdowns of that wanker!

Temperature: Miu stripping was pretty hot, but too much more of Phil Barnett could be like a cold shower

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