Binbougami Ga! Weekly Update – Episode 11

As Bobby and Momou so excitedly exclaim in the opening scene of the show, this is the fanservice episode. It’s inaccurate to think that there isn’t anything substantial that occurs in this outing, as it makes sure to have enough plot development. Considering the series only has about two episodes left it doesn’t have the luxury to mess around. Momiji is still nowhere close to recovering Ichiko’s fortune to return balance to the world, but I have a feeling that this will change soon.

This week the cast and crew find themselves at a public due to some coincidental circumstances. As this setting plays right into the whole fanservice model it wasn’t that surprising. I felt that the skin and comedy were well balanced and did make either feel too overbearing. It was nice to see Bobby and Momou have a prominent part in the episode considering their absence would be a gross mistake. The two belong in the fanservice episode. They were made for this moment.

Momiji’s character gains an interesting wrinkle in this
. Apparently she hadn’t taken a shower for about three years. After being forcibly thrown into the bath her character takes a complete 180. It’ll be interesting to see where the series goes from here and if she’ll have some more success with her change of heart (and change of hygiene).

There isn’t much to say about this show so how about a bevy of beautiful screenshots!

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