Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Weekly Update – Episode 10

What’s the information about Yuuki?

This episode of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate really seems to have started the conclusion. I feel like the show has almost been like a massive domino toppling event. ¬†We’ve watched as small areas are set up here and there, and seen the care that they’ve shown in putting it together, and now we’re getting to the point where they start the chain and see everything fall together in a beautiful display of artistry and motion. The separate storylines of the election, the personal relationships, and the school political intrigue seem to be weaving together to give us episodes that are exciting and fun and full of enjoyment.

Yuuki is fine after his accident, but at the hospital he unexpectedly sees President Mouri. Too bad he’s too busy dealing with Chisato, Michiru, and Mifuyu to do anything about it. We also see more of Michiru, finally, as Yuuki has an encounter alone with her in the club room (well, with her backside, again, at first). We learn that Michiru can somehow see Yuuki’s emotional state (as a blue aura), and asks why he’s down, if it’s because of Chisato, which Yuuki acknowledges is part of the problem. Yuuki is also able to return Michiru’s harmonica, which he had accidentally kept after the accident, and asks about “Kana” written on it, who Michiru says is her best friend, but now she doesn’t know where she is. And this brings in Mouri who, hearing Kana’s song that Michiru is playing, bursts in to see if it’s her. But he has another reason for visiting: To tell Yuuki in no uncertain terms to drop the idea of making the Financial Aid student harassment part of his platform. To Mouri’s credit, he does show that he’s not hostile to the idea, just that it’s not something that should happen in the election, saying the same thing Chisato did last week about working on it after being elected. Also unspoken to Yuuki is that it’s almost certain that such a position would put him in much danger with the Katahira faction.

And that faction is already against him, as we see what appears to be the other side of the deal that Moheji was talking about last week with Oosawa talking to Katahira on the phone about a deal and the support of the Security commission. But Oosawa’s got more up her red-white-and-blue cuffed sleeve, and we find out that support for Kana at the hospital has been withdrawn as Yuuki overhears Mouri on the phone, and then searches for, and finds, Kana Oogibashi, but is knocked unconscious by Mouri’s security detail. As he wakes up in the interrogation room, we start to hear more of the story of Kana, Mouri, and surprisingly Michiru.

Completely broken Chisato

Yuuki’s accident, even though he wasn’t injured, has broken Chisato. Seeing him in the same accident as Daiki, she has become so afraid of him leaving her that she won’t let go of him at all after she latches onto him at the hospital. Naturally, this pushes Yuuki too far, and when she won’t even let go of him to let him take a bath, he cracks and confronts her, that she’s not treating him as Yuuki, just as Daiki-replacement, and that what she feels isn’t love. This is the most serious emotion we’ve seen out of Yuuki, but to his credit, even in his anger he is still respectful. He doesn’t want broken Chisato, he doesn’t want her to obsess over him. He wants to be himself, to be recognized by her for who he is. It’s not what Chisato wants to hear, and she resists, trying to placate him with chocolate the same way she placated Daiki. But Yuuki rejects this, and her treatment of him, imploring her to eat her own chocolate, and break through this problem. In a daze, she tries it, and immediately retches, showing that she’s constructed a mental aversion to chocolate. And after that, all we see of Chisato is alone in her room, curled up on the bed. I found that it while it was believable and an interesting story, it’s still sad to see that happen to someone. But hopefully this can be her chance to truly get past Daiki’s accident – we see through flashbacks that Chisato was unable to deal with Yuuki’s refusals to fill that role in the past without crying, and be without someone to take Daiki’s place – and move her relationship with Yuuki into a healthier friendship, and allow Chisato to be a healthier person herself. I think this has definitely pushed Chisato out of any running for a relationship with Yuuki in this show, and that opens the way for Satsuki.

How can you trust someone wearing a cheap jersey?

How rotten is Oosawa? We know that she’s responsible for the (at least mental) torture and slandering of a innocent financial aid student, that she’s in league with Katahira about handing the election to the General Services commission, and now that she wants to hurt Mouri by harming his friend Kana, and who knows, maybe she’s the one who put Kana in the hospital in the first place (let’s not forget that the way Kana was attacked was more attempted murder than ‘attempted coma’. Running someone over with a car is always assault with intent to kill).

The revelation that the security commission uses essentially spies is not a particularly surprising revelation, although you’d figure that a commission that musters at least 400 people could keep track of a 6000 person school without needing extras. But the idea of spying is never a good one to know about, and learning that Michiru is an informant is somewhat shocking. What else will Yuuki find out about the dark corners and corridors of the school? And can he stay in the election race after finding all of this out?

Does Satsuki know about the spying?

One thought on “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Weekly Update – Episode 10

  1. Oh man, I figured that Chisato at least developed genuine feelings for Yuuki, but even those were just part of him being a replacement? I’m really glad he turned her down and told her off.

    As you said, this will most likely rule out Chisato, given that we’re nearing the end. In combination with the increasingly obvious signals Satsuki is giving off lately, I’m beginning to think Yuuki really will end up with her.

    Also, it’s nice to finally see Michiru in the spotlight. I’m a little concerned that she’s supposed to be a “trained” spy, yet Yuuki has walked in on her bugging the room more than once. Perhaps spy training entails using your butt to distract others from your nefarious deeds…

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