Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 11

Kirito and Asuna finally start a family this week… No seriously, they have a baby and everything! How could they have a child in the virtual world? I am glad you ask! But before I answer your question lets take a look at a few tweets from the Twitterverse!

@tiberis1221: Another week, another ep of #SAO. And another mild cliffhanger for this week.

That seems to be the structure of the show though it is getting kind of old I suppose. I want a giant cliffhanger of epic proportions that blows my mind. Is that too much to ask for? 

@BeaterKirito: I’m glad #SAO is 25 episodes or else it would be ending this week. Phew..

How anticlimactic would it be if they ended the show without beating the game… If they beat the game that is! Alright fine we know this is a shounen so the protagonist has to win.

@YahyaAr: Nagai yume miru kokoro wa sou eien de.. I want to always be with you, I’ll give you everything I have #SAO

I find myself blushing a bit…

@R3dKey: My reaction every week. Yet I’m still watching it. WHY? #SAO

THEN DON’T WATCH IT! Unless you are being compelled too by magic. In that case I forgive you!

@sao_gigi: oh dear god she’s so cute >w< #sao #swordartonline #yui

Hmm… I would call you a pedophile… Okay I’m just kidding, she’s adorable.

@sasukeskapa@CEOAmaterasu I can never get enough #SAO 🙂

Just like Kirito can’t get enough of Asuna! Oh yeah. Chapter 16.5 definitely happened! The anime proved it! She was naked in bed! 

I don’t know how I feel about this episode to be completely honest. Sure it gives Asuna and Kirito some time to develop their relationship in more normal fashion, but at times this outing feels boring. The two have decent chemistry together, so its a bit off putting to see them really do nothing together. Sure there is the whole bit where they find a girl lost in the woods who forcibly makes the pair her adoptive parents, but none of that quite piques my interest.

Ultimately I feel that Yui won’t actually move the plot forward. The progression of this story lies in the front lines. The more time Kirito and Asuna spend away from it, I think the show will be less enjoying. That’s where all the action and drama is! Understandably the honeymoon is a step that two needed to take. I just hope the series doesn’t preoccupy itself with this hiatus with too many episodes. Two would be the optimal amount.

My biggest complaint would have to be Asuna’s character arc. Her narrative begins with her as a brooding individual that eventual becomes and strong and competent leader. I saw the before and after, but most say it’s the journey that’s most important. Not seeing her mature as a person makes me feel a bit detached from her. Considering that this series has taken a turn for romance, its important to be able to connect with both parties of the relationship.

All things considered, this was an underwhelming outing, but I know #SAO has the chops to deliver something great so I am not too worried. Until next week!

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