Tari Tari Weekly Update – Episode 12

Everyone picks on Taichi

Everyone is hitting their stride in the Choir club, working to get their replacement Shirosai going. Wakana has finished her song, Sawa is working on her coreography, Wein, after a setback with the cleanup guys taking his props to the dump, is doing his best to recreate them, and Konatsu is lobbying the student council for support for “Cancelling the cancellation” of Shirosai. Although she gets a little support for the idea, ultimately the motion is defeated, but that doesn’t stop Konatsu. And Taichi is… well, Taichi is flailing a bit. It turns out that while he’s an able singer, that’s about the limit of his artistic aptitude. We saw last week that his drawing is repulsive, and this week he wants to help out by making costumes, so he asks the sewing club to teach him how to do it. When he can’t even thread the needle on the sewing machine, we get the feeling that he can’t really do anything. But his¬†perseverance¬†impresses the club enough to decide to make the costumes for him, because they don’t have anything to do. And indeed, the Choir’s perseverance is¬†infectious, even if the Shirosai isn’t going forward. More and more people are getting behind their effort, from Ueno’s piano accompaniment to the sewing club to Hamachi in the art club making the sets.


Oh, but there’s a catch from last week. Hamachi wanted pictures of Sawa in exchange for helping. After Taichi decided not to take them secretly, he decides to ask Sawa, who, to his surprise, agrees and gives him a really cute picture. But in something we’re sure is going to come back to bite him, he gets a little greedy and takes another one when she’s not paying attention, from behind. Oh well, it was a cute picture too.

Tsk tsk…

Also good is some more looks at Naoko (the vice-principal) coming to terms with her life. She’s feeling the pain from seeing the music program that she helped to build with Mahiru and then as a teacher be destroyed with the school. Basically she feels like she’s been unable to create anything on her own, and tells Mahiru that at her grave. This just happens to be at the same time that Wakana has come to present their song to her mother, and after hearing the song that Wakana finished, Naoko is bolstered by Wakana’s reminding her of the importance of friends as well as the love of music.

Nice spot for a building…

The terrible redevelopment plan continues, and there are just aspects that don’t make sense, still. The school director is against allowing the replacement festival because it will harm goodwill with the town. The town merchants are against the replacement festival because it will harm their goodwill with the school. Wha? Who’s being insulted? Why is everyone so hesitant? And I still don’t get why they can’t figure out a way to allow them to use the gym for a week without delaying their precious schedule. It’s just low-rent mustache-twirling villainy. The director even goes so far as to threaten suspensions for anyone who stays past 5 PM or comes to the school on the weekend.

Trying to be more supportive

Thankfully, the one person who isn’t hesitant is Sawa’s father, who apparently feels like he needs to make up some for his role in Sawa’s dashed dreams earlier. And Sawa herself makes what I thought was a very nice speech to the chamber of commerce, where she acknowledges the loss of her jockeying dream, through no fault of her own, and how she doesn’t want to have another one taken from her without a fight. And after hearing this, Sawa’s father goes on a pasteboarding campaign, putting their replacement Shirosai flyer up all over the shrine.

Regretting being a sellout

This show is just so nice that there wasn’t anything ugly this week. I’m not even going to bust on the Principal’s hair this time, because that’s just kicking a guy when he’s down. He’s obviously unhappy with himself about going along with the plan, and it doesn’t help that he overhears Konatsu berating the Student Council that she “has no intention of being the kind of sad adult who goes along with something wrong just because her superiors told her to.” Just a dagger in his heart. And he even tries to repeat that to the director, but is laughed off with a bottle of wine.

No Teru Teru Bozu?

So what’s going to happen next week in the finale? Will there be a big showdown? Who will be involved – Naoko, Konatsu, the Principal, even the director himself? Will anyone put their reputation on the line? And will there be a crowd, or just a couple people? Given the type of show that Tari Tari has been, which is a fairly predictable nice school anime, I fully expect there to be a glorious ending. This is a show where things work out, and even when they don’t they do. People make small mistakes and fix them, they don’t make big mistakes. People are redeemed, people pull out of funks, people do heroic things. It’s a classic TV show – the better than reality type of reality that everyone wants to live, and in the back of their minds, everyone knows that it’s not realistic to live that way. But even at that, the characters are so realistic and believable that they pull it off. It’s just that things work out. And the finale’s going to work out, I just know it. So we’ll see how it goes, and hopefully we’ll also get another tremendous song, too!

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