Fall 2012 Preview: Btooom!

The Trailer

Title: Btooom!
TV Series;
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological,Seinen
Produced: Madhouse
Adaptation of: Manga, Video Game

The story centers around Ryūta Sakamoto, a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) young man and a top-ranked player in the online combat game Btoom! One day, he wakes up on a tropical island without remembering how he got there. He sees a figure in the distance and asks for help. However, the figure responds by throwing something at Ryūta — a “BIM” bomb. In that moment, Ryūta comes to realize two things: one, his own life is in danger, and two, he is now in the world of Btoom!

-Anime News Network

Two high school kids get stuck in some “game” where you have to blow up your opponents with little time bombs? And it looks like the show has some pretty dark themes too. Seems interesting enough.

I am so hyped for this show. Honestly it does reek of .hack and it’s video game ilk (Sword Art Online included). But the dark themes in the trailer are something I really look forward to in my seinen shows. Throw in the romance sub-plot and you have me hook, line and sinker. I love the gritty art style of this show which is signature Madhouse. I can’t wait!

It’s not that easy to figure out what’s going on from the trailer, but this looks like it might be a show worth checking out.  I’m a little turned off by what looks like an attempted rape / assault, but it’s hard to tell where that would go. That’s something that can be left out of my anime, thanks.

Twitter Hype!

@27CansOfTuna: WOW the Btooom! OP is awesome!!!! Can nano sing more songs please

@laniemon: Himiko is just like Sena. Only a whole lot more bomb-ier 😀 #megusta#BTOOOM!

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