The Week That Was #9

Juubei Mitsuhide takes the news hard.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou – Episode 11

Nobuna is back in the care of her retainers, who have all returned to Kyoto… except for Saru. As he’s still covering the back lines, things are getting worse and worse. As more and more of his men fall, Saru comes under direct threat from Yoshitatsu Saitou, who wants revenge on Saru for his defeat at Sunomata . In order to split up the pursuit, Saru and Hattori Hanzou lead Yoshitatsu away, and are finally trapped at the edge of cliff, cornered by Yoshitatsu. But as Juubei, Inuchiyo, and Motoyasu come around the corner to help Saru, Hanzo decides to take Saru down himself, and seemingly explodes a bomb in his face. Juubei, seeing Saru’s apparent demise, rushes Yoshitatsu, but gets shot herself and falls off the cliff.

Loli Force didn’t get to Monkey in time.

So then comes the task of telling Nobuna the news. After they reject telling her outright, Danjo decides to tell her in her own dreams, and see if Nobuna can accept the news. She does, and wakes up, but as a changed woman. Now she wants revenge, and nobody’s going to stand in her way to do it. First she sends forces to burn Sakai, the city of commerce she adamantly refused to harm before, and then attacks the Asai, who retreat immediately upon seeing that Nobuna is leading the army. Finally, everyone’s at Hiei Mountain, the Oda surrounding it, everyone else on it. Just as she’s been convinced to wait them out, Konoe goads her into attacking, a move sure to turn public opinion against her, by taunting her with the head of a monkey statue. Faced with no other choice but to support Nobuna, Nagahide orders the attack.

So what will happen next? Will Saru return from the ‘dead’? It was awfully suspicious there was nothing of him left, and he and Hanzo had had a telling conversation before about what would stop the attack, basically his death. Will he reappear and save Nobuna from herself? Or is she too far gone down the path of vengeance?

Temperature: Not as hot as Nobuna’s blood boiling for revenge, but still in good shape.

Can they beat Phil (*snort*)

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – Episode 11

When we last left Akatasuki and Phil Barnett (which is still the stupidest name for a character of that type), Phil was pulling out his supposed trump card.  And as we see this episode, it’s the dragon Zahhak, who apparently he made a pact with. So now Phil is a dragon. But Akatsuki’s not in any shape to fight anyone, since he’s still dealing with the effects of the poison. So Miu decides she’s going to draw DragonPhil away and give Akatsuki time to heal back to fighting strength. Meanwhile, the rest of our cast is deciding to help as well, as Kuzuha has gotten Chikage to the infirmary, and the Student Council has gotten all the other students safely out of harm’s way. So they all decide to go see if they can help, coming across Akatsuki on the way, who fills them in, and accepts their help in stalling Phil. This leads to the best fight of the series, so far, with good coordinated attacks, flashy magic, and a big hammer. Kuzuha really needs to swing that thing around more, it’s about the best part of the show. Unfortunately, Phil is toying with them, and blows them all away to go after Miu again.

Nice Hammer, Kuzuha

But like any lame villain, he can’t help but run his mouth, so in the time he wastes yakking at Miu, Akatsuki is able to recover, find his spirit bike, and then come to the rescue, saving Miu from being teleported back to Alayzard. We then start the final battle between Akatsuki and DragonPhil. This one wasn’t as good, but we do get some advanced tactics from Akatsuki, who realizes he can’t beat such a powerful entity as Zahhak with just strength, so he uses a strategy of 1000 cuts to enfeeble the dragon. But as they’re readying their final blows, Miu is the target of Phil!

Will she be saved? How will they defeat PhilDragon? And will it set up season 2? I can’t believe this show would get a second season, but we’ll have the finale next week!

Temperature: Nice and hot for a good ending!

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