Binbougami Ga! Weekly Update – Episode 12

In the penultimate episode, I feel like this series did so many things right. Sure there was a bit of melodrama, and I’ll get to that later, but everything else just seemed to on point. The comedy was on point, and brought one joke after another, machine gunning laughs left and right. Every character was showcased and their respective reoccurring gags were spun in a new light. Keita rose from his naps a few times to make a few comments that blew Ranmaru’s mind. The pink haired karate champion was finally able to showcase her feminine charms to the rest of the class. Momou’s masochism was turned on his head, as kindness is the only thing that can truly bring him pain. We even saw Bobby’s relentless pervertedness finally… relent. There was just so much fun to be had with this episode.

The crux of the humour had to do with Momiji’s transformation. She become super friendly and a defender of the weak. She cleans up after herself and cooks for the rest of the cast. In short, she becomes the perfect girl. Even teddy gets a cuddlier appearance. Ichiko doesn’t buy it and considers it all an act. This sets up probably one of the best parodies the show offers, where Ichiko pretends to be L from Death Note. She goes through an entire scenario where Momiji uses her wits to steal all of Ichiko’s fortune and kills her. Classic stuff.

There’s a decent amount of character development as well for Ichiko. Momiji begins to point out how the silver-haired vixen is beginning to accept more people around her. Even if her circle of trust has only grown to include Ranmaru, its double  of what she had before. I expect that Momiji will eventually be included in that circle considering all the hints dropped this episode about their budding friendship. It could be seen as bit heavy handed, especially the scene in the rain, where Momiji and Ichiko confront one another. For me, it was a necessary evil as Ichiko can be a bit hardheaded. Sometimes it takes a poignant emotional situation for her to take heed of the people around her.

Let’s go straight to the ugly!

I wish this series had more time. After a rough patch around the middle, the series has finally moving along at a steady clip. The formula seems to be down pat. Considering the growth of Ichiko in the last few episodes I still feel she has a ways to go. I know the ending might feel a bit rushed if they try to compact it all into one last outing. I’m hoping this series gets a sequel. It desperately needs one!

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