Fall 2012 Preview: Robotics; Notes

The Trailer

Title: Robotics; Notes
TV Series;
Genre: Sci-Fi
Produced: Production I.G
Adaptation of: Visual Novel, Manga

2019, Divergence Ratio 1.048596. The near future, where a device popularly called the PokeCom, packaged with PhoneDroid OS, spreads, bringing the Augmented Reality world close to existence.

Chuuoutanegashima High School’s Robot Research Club is in danger of losing its club status. Kaito Yashio, one of only two members, is only obsessed with robot fighting games, showing no interest in the Robo Club even in this situation. The reckless, useless club head, Akiho Senomiya, aims to complete a giant robot, struggling hard to avoid losing the club’s status.

Then, one day, Kaito discovers the A.R. annotation that becomes the Kimishima Report. Written in that report is the indictment of someone named Kou Kimishima’s conspiracy involving the world.


I’m not sure about that engrish text under the title. I get that they’re trying to get some point across, but it just doesn’t work if the message is unintelligible. Regardless, I’m a sucker for sci-fi stuff. This trailer has mechs and what looks to be a gynoid. That’s more than enough to get me interested. Also, that girl sure has fabulous hair. The 5pb reputation aside, I’m definitely looking forward to this.

I really don’t know how I feel about this show. Being from the same setting as Steins; Gate, there’s a lot of hype for this show. The character designs are quite though, with all that hair that defies gravity. The setting looks novel enough but I don’t know if it will be enough to keep my interest. This is one of those quasi-mecha shows that I know won’t satisfy fans. The mecha is more of a plot device than the main attraction. As of now the series looks to focus on its dialogue and character building. I’m in love with the song in the preview and hope it’s the opening or ending for the series. I’m still on the fence about this show.

Seems like an interesting enough show. I can’t tell if the point is that they’re trying to resurrect an old robot or relearn robotics that have been abandoned or invent the robotics itself. I do like the near future setting though, and I’ll definitely give this one a look.

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