Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Weekly Update – Episode 11

This show is nuts.

Miyabi’s ass.

Ok. I get it. I’m just not smart enough to figure out who the real imouto is. Clearly, someone of Houtarou’s caliber is required to solve this mystery. It’s fairly obvious by now that Yuzurina isn’t actually Shougo’s sister, and that she’s probably involved in that plot against him. But what about the damn imouto? At this point, I’m really considering heeding the advice people have been giving me to stop trying to figure out who she is. I’d risk losing my sanity otherwise. I really, really hoped that the imouto issue would be cleared up, but it’s evident that Who is Imouto is determined to take it to the very bitter end. Only appropriate given its name, I supposed. Even so, I hope they realize how unsatisfying such a “strategy” can be for the viewers.

Some of us would really like to see some progress (or even a conclusion). At least, I know I do. Instead, we’re just left with this clusterfuck of “and suddenly another twist” that’s even more tightly packed than a train at rush hour. Or perhaps I’m just being butthurt over not being able to figure it out? Honestly, that’s not the case. It’s just not feasible to figure anything out when they keep changing the entire playing-board every few episodes. But that’s the last you’ll hear of me attempting to answer the question “who is imouto”. I give up. That’s it. Done. I’ll just stick with watching the cream puffs and delicious asses instead. Oh wait, next episode is the last one? Fuuuuuuu. Well, it’s been a fun ride anyway.

This episode was a Miyabi-centered one. As such, here are a bunch of full-length shots of her. Enjoy.

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