Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Weekly Update – Episode 11

Mock weddings are cliche, but still nice to see.

I’m going to be in a minority with this statement: I didn’t have the problems with this episode that apparently so many people did. Yes, it’s apparently a super quick turnaround for Chisato, and people tend not to believe things that are so easy or fast. But I certainly don’t agree with those who think that this episode was totally implausible.

I generally tend to give television shows a lot of leeway. If there’s a possible pathway, any sort of justification, even the barest of explanations, I’ll give a show plenty of rope. Sometimes the shows pull themselves to safety, and sometimes they use it to hang themselves. My opinion is that I don’t think Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate hung itself this week. Gathered up a lot of rope, sure, but I don’t think it hung itself, and it was still making progress toward the safe zone. Continuing the metaphor, I don’t even think it wrapped it around its neck.

Chisato has been confronted by Yuuki about her behavior, and that Yuuki doesn’t want to be a replacement for Daiki. And that broke Chisato. Honestly, after last week, I didn’t think there was a chance that Chisato could rebound. And as an avowed Satsuki fan, that was fine with me, although I don’t like seeing someone get broken. But let’s put this right out there: Chisato knows Yuuki was right. She knows Mifuyu is right when she says that she’s been viewing him partly as a replacement for Daiki. And I say partly because if it was all the time it would have to have blown up before now. I think it’s likely always been the concern in the back of Yuuki’s mind, and that’s what has contributed to his desire to keep Chisato at arm’s length. But Chisato seeing him getting closer to the other girls pushed her in the wrong direction, and to me that’s a plausible reaction. And then to have Yuuki hit by a truck, the same tragedy that befell Daiki, and even worse after an argument, nearly the same circumstances as Daiki, that’s too much for her to bear.

But when Mifuyu comes to visit, she doesn’t know right away the Daiki connection. She thinks Yuuki and Chisato only had an argument, and it’s only after she sees the hidden box of half-eaten chocolate bars that she puts it together. And she says something about it. How much was Chisato thinking about it while hiding in her room? A lot. She’s probably right that Yuuki taking on that role saved her soul, if she feels that much guilt about Daiki not being happy because he couldn’t have chocolate before his accident. But she thinks she just can’t let herself be forgiven. And that’s problematic, and it’s probably something she’ll be dealing with for the rest of her life, but it’s not really debilitating. And while it’s totally a TV thing, Mifuyu shows Chisato something about facing one’s scars. A literal scar in Mifuyu’s case from her illness and surgery (and let me point out that just about ANY guy seeing that would think it’s pretty awesome that he can see her midriff).

So yeah, it was a TV moment, and feels too easy, but this *is* a TV show. And in a short show, there are going to be some shortcuts. I would imagine people would have accepted this more if it had happened over a few episodes, but would the time frame have been any more believable? If Chisato had broken down at episode 6, rather than 10, would it be better that she came back at episode 9? That’s only a couple days farther along. Why would that be any more believable? Likewise, Chisato’s show of bravery to Yuuki (as he’s coming home from his own harrowing experience) isn’t the end of her insecurities. It’s not over. What it’s symbolic of is her attempt to change, because she sure looked shaky to me.

This doesn’t look that easy to me

I’d say that we can’t take any of what President Mouri says in his confrontation with Yuuki about his relationship with Chisato as truth. Those were words said for effect from an expert interrogator to get their subject to agree, to exaggerate and cast doubt. Mouri’s opinion of how Yuuki dealt with Chisato is neither here nor there besides making Yuuki think about it himself.

I also don’t think it’s farfetched for Yuuki to be in love with Chisato. Yes, it seemed that he rejected her previously, but that was then definitely clarified at their argument in the bathroom. He wanted her to love him for being Yuuki, not for being there when Daiki wasn’t. So if she’s going to try to do exactly that, then he’s going to try that. And he realizes that he’s loved her.  He’s definitely said that he’s loved her in the past. So why would that go away in a couple days? And if she is trying to change, and he does love her, then he’s going to try to support her in that change.

Michiru’s role in this episode was a little bit Magical-girl-ish, but they’ve been sort of setting her up that way since the beginning of the show. Her viewing of an aura around Yuuki before, her secret-agent double life, and then in this episode she’s got mad skills. And yeah, it’s fairly implausible that listening to the harmonica song is going to pull Kana out of her coma, but come on, it’s anime. Stuff like that happens.  It’s sure a lot more believable that it’d happen when she’s standing there next to Kana than miles away in the school like we saw last episode.

Well after all that explaining why I didn’t have many problems with this episode, there really isn’t too much left I could call ‘bad’. Could Yuuki have waited to tell Michiru about Kana? Sure, but I think there were two reasons he didn’t.  One he wanted to grandstand and show Mouri his way of doing it, and two, he knew that all the main people affiliated with Mouri were there with him. I actually thought it was pretty neat that Michiru could understand what was going on with a single sentence.

Tea goes well with kidnapping plots.

The ugly continues to be Yuina Oosawa. This time we get confirmation of her involvement in Kana’s injury, as she’s sitting on the car that ran Kana down, and she’s now set her sights on Yuuki. But instead of just getting rid of him, now her goons have grabbed Chisato. She’s pretty obviously a person without scruples or a moral compass. And she still has horrible fashion sense.

Returning to the scene of the crime with “S-chan”.

What will be the condition for Chisato’s release? What will happen for the election the next day? Will Yuuki be forced out of the race? He’s now in the same position that Mouri was in, that he just lectured Mouri about. Will he go the same way? Or will he show he’s different, win the election, and then expose Oosawa and the machinations of the Public Safety Commission?  What will happen with Satsuki? Would Yuuki’s supporters go to Moheji or Satsuki? Will he suggest a direction?

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