Yui and Aoki: Kokoro Connect – Episode 12

Don’t the two looks so cute together? I mean sure, Aoki could get a new haircut. It would certainly be a plus. His quasi mullet-slash-blowout doesn’t do his excellent features justice. Yui on the other hand has excellent tastes in hair clips.

Enough of that. This weeks episode justified my belief in why Aoki and Yui are the best pairing in this show. They just seem to belong together. Much of this is due to how they serve as foils for one another.

Aoki is carefree personality is tempered my Yui’s insecurities. We’ve seen their ideologies clash. Soon after their desires were unleashed, Yui assaulted a few boys that were harassing a group of girls. Aoki got into an argument with a few officers to protect her. The fallout from the event had Yui locking herself in her room., while Aoki continued to go to school as normal.

Her inaction didn’t make sense to him. Why would she not come to school after things have settled? A person shouldn’t worry about spilt milk. This friction is caused by the differences in their personalities.

But when do we have a great animated couple? It’s when their opposing natures bring about similar reactions, and the resolution of their problems follow a similar arc. The tension of Yui barricading herself in her room pushes Aoki to inaction. He  exclaims that he doesn’t know how to save her. He even begins to criticize those around him for taking a step forward to try and help.

Soon though he realizes that if he doesn’t try, he won’t get any results. Sitting there won’t relieve the stress being burdened upon him. He confronts Yui and shows her the error of her decision. That while sitting in your room doesn’t let you hurt anyone, all you are is stuck to wallow in your apprehensions. He motivates her to move forward just like he has, and to his credit she does.

The recent outing pits the two in a similar situation. Memories of the past come to haunt the two. Aoki’s feelings for Yui get muddled by thoughts of his ex-girlfriend who looks much like Yui. He doesn’t exactly know how to reconcile those feelings with what he’s supposed to feel right now. For Yui, she relives the attempted rape from her childhood that pushed her to quit karate. Her fear of men return along with feeling powerless.

The two butt heads yet again, Aoki doesn’t understand why she won’t confront her past, while Yui just thinks he’s a hypocrite. This serves as a vital moment for the two. Aoki goes to visit his ex, and becomes sure of his feelings for Yui, while Yui realizes that Aoki is correct, she should face her insecurities. The resolution of their problems come full circle as the two embrace, bringing closure to the ghosts of their pasts.

I can’t help but root for the two. Their dynamic is so much more exciting than Inaba and Taichi or Iori and Taichi. They’re victories and losses are tied to one another, and their growths as characters are parallel. Though both of them might be imperfect, they are the perfect couple.

2 thoughts on “Yui and Aoki: Kokoro Connect – Episode 12

  1. They were pretty cute this last episode. It is nice to see the way these two character developed on their own with their own story instead of just being side characters, and plot movers for the other three.

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